How to Remove the Outlook Bar From Outlook Express

Get Rid of the Redundant Bar in Outlook Express

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When it's not enough to empty the bar in Outlook Express, you can remove the Outlook bar completely. Hero Images/Getty Images

While Outlook Express was discontinued, you may still have it installed on your older Windows system. It was last issued in 2001. It was replaced with Windows Mail for PCs and Apple Mail for macOS.

The following tip was checked with Outlook Express 6. That was the last version. It was included with Windows XP and integrated with Internet Explorer 6.

You can remove the redundant Outlook bar from your Outlook Express interface.

Is It Outlook or Outlook Express?

If it is called "Outlook Bar", it belongs to Outlook. And indeed, what can be a useful user interface element in Outlook is redundant in Outlook Express and just consumes screen real estate.

Fortunately, it is quite easy to get rid of the Outlook Bar in Outlook Express.

Remove the Outlook Bar From Outlook Express

To remove the Outlook bar from Outlook Express:

  • Select View | Layout from the main Outlook Express menu.
  • Make sure the check box next to Outlook Bar is not selected.

For a maximal email reading experience in Outlook Express, you can also make sure messages open maximized.