Removing Both Covers of the HTC Inspire 4G

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Meet the HTC Inspire 4G Double Back Cover System

Do two back covers double your fun and your pleasure? Well, not exactly. Image by Jason Hidalgo

Sometimes, you take a look at something and just get a bad feeling.

Clip-on ties. Airport sushi. The HTC Inspire 4G back cover.

Upon unpacking my review unit of the HTC Inspire 4G, for example, the first thing I noticed was how the small groove for the battery cover looked like it was chewed up by a microscopic gremlin.

Not a good sign.

To whomever reviewed or prepped this particular unit before me, I just want you to know one thing. I feel your pain.

See, I’ve taken off my fair share of battery covers in my time. But the battery cover for the HTC Inspire is in a whole other league of persnicketiness . If you’ve got nails as brittle as Christian Bale’s temper, there’s a good chance the Inspire’s cover will break, break them like Taio Cruz telling 'em how he feels. Heck, even Superman could probably break his nails and suck his thumb in tears after trying to open this thing.

Also note that the HTC Inspire has separate covers for the battery and the MicroSD and SIM cards. Why? I’ll look it up once I’m done sucking my thumb.

In the meantime, rub those nails with Barielle and let’s get this tutorial going shall we? For guides on some newer Android phones, check out my tutorials for the Samsung Galaxy S7, Galaxy S6, Galaxy S5 and the LG Flex 2.

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How to Remove the HTC Inspire Bottom Cover for the SIM and MicroSD Memory Card

Channel your inner grade-school prankster by grabbing the bottom and pulling down. Image by Jason Hidalgo

First, let’s start with the easy part. To access the HTC Inspire’s SIM and MicroSD memory card, you gotta hit rock bottom. Well, pull down that bottom that is. Sorry, I just couldn't resist.

To remove it, pretend you’re Sir Mixalot approaching big buns and grab the bottom of the Inspire from the sides. Having your thumb on one side and the knuckles of your index finger on the other should do the trick. Now grab the top with your other hand and pull the bottom down like you cannot lie and the other brothers can’t deny. Easy peasy.

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Removing and Replacing the HTC Inspire SIM and MicroSD Cards

There they are. The HTC Inspire 4G's SIM and MicroSD memory card. Image by Jason Hidalgo

Voila. There are your SIM Card and MicroSD memory cards. Note that the MicroSD card is spring-loaded so you'll need to push it in first before unlocking it. To place the cover back, just align the sides and snap it back like a Slim Jim in Randy "The Macho Man" Savage’s mouth. Ooooh yeeeaaaahhhh!!! Now for the persnickety part.

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How to Remove the Battery Cover of the HTC Inspire

All I can say is, you better have strong nails and thumbs. Image by Jason Hidalgo

Breathe in. Breathe out. Breathe in. Breathe out. You ready? Probably not as ready as you think you are.

So place your thumbnail ​on the side slot of the battery cover and get some leverage. Then say a prayer, ask for forgiveness for your sins and start pulling outward. If you’re lucky, the cover will pop out. If you’re unlucky, well, cheer up cause nails grow back in time. Seriously, this cover is just about as tightly stuck as a wedgie applied by Conan the Barbarian. And yes, I used both hands.

If you’re thinking about using a Swiss Army Knife attachment instead of your nails, then more power to you. Just remember that if you scratch your phone or hurt yourself, then it was all your idea, OK?

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Removing and Replacing the HTC Inspire Battery

Tilt the phone and let gravity do the rest. Image by Jason Hidalgo

Once you’re done sucking your thumbs or outsourcing that little exercise and having someone else suck it for you. You can take out the battery. Note that if you had the device on, it will turn off once the cover is cleanly off.

Now if you’re like me, you’ll notice that unless you’ve got tweezers for fingers, you really can’t grip the battery to pull it out. Then you’ll start pushing into it because you think it’s spring loaded (it’s not). Then you’ll suck your sore thumbs while thinking of all the reasons you hate life. Then if you’re lucky enough, you’ll scratch your head while holding said phone and the battery will fall off. That’s right, all it takes to remove the battery is simple gravity.

The lesson as always is: I’m an idiot. But you probably knew that already.

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How to Snap Back the HTC Inspire Battery Cover Into Place

Align the connector point to the battery first then click both sides into place. Image by Jason Hidalgo

Once you’re done patting yourself on the back for managing to take off the HTC Inspire battery cover, it’s time to put it back. Hopefully, you never have to do this during a time crunch unless you’re proficient at thinking happy thoughts. Seriously, though, getting this thing back into place is kind of a pain, too.

Basically, you just need to do your best in aligning the darn thing into place so it snaps right back. While doing so, your phone will likely turn on and off several times as the connectors get back into and out of place repeatedly. My deepest condolences if you’re both obsessive and compulsive cause seeing the phone turn on and off will drive you nuts. I know it drove me nuts at first. So much so that I almost yelled at the kids to get off my lawn. And there weren’t even kids on my lawn.

If it helps, make sure you align the curved groove of the cover with the bottom of the battery. Laying the phone on a surface as shown in the image above, then using both hands also makes things a lot easier. Once the bottom of the cover is aligned just snap back both sides of the cover into place. If you notice any gaps after locking the phone back, remove the cover and re-do the process. Then hope and pray that you’ll never have to do all that again anytime soon. (It actually gets easier with practice, but seriously...)

On the plus side, the HTC Desire is actually a pretty nice phone.

Jason Hidalgo is’s Portable Electronics expert. Yes, he is easily amused. Follow him on Twitter @jasonhidalgo and be amused, too.