How to Remove a Gmail Account From Your Android Device

Remove Gmail accounts you no longer need

When you remove a Gmail account from an Android device the right way, the process is relatively easy and painless. The account will still exist, you will be able to access it via a web browser, and you can even reconnect it later if you change your mind.

When thinking about removing a Gmail account from an Android device, it's important to keep in mind there are three related options that may be confusing:

  • Removing a Google account from a phone - If you do this, you will be unable to access Google Play, Google Music, YouTube, and other services on your phone with this account. You can add the account back any time you want.
  • Turning off sync so you aren't seeing the emails that come in - This leaves the Gmail account on your phone, so you can still use it for YouTube, Google Play, and other apps. Gmail will no longer bother you with notifications because it won't download email for this account anymore. You can turn to sync back on at any point.
  • Delete an account - This is irreversible, so only do it if you really don't want your Gmail account anymore. Remember that your Gmail account is probably tied into other things, like your YouTube account.

We're focusing on the first item, although we'll show you how to turn off sync as well just in case that sounds more useful.

Before you proceed, there are a few factors to consider. Most importantly, you will lose access to apps and content that you purchased from the Google Play Store if you remove the Gmail account that is tied to the store. You will also lose access to emails, photos, calendars, and any other data tied to that Gmail account.

While it is possible to add a Gmail account back, later on, you may want to consider turning off the sync option instead. If this sounds like what you want to do, scroll past the following instructions for removing a Gmail account to the section where we discuss syncing.

The directions below should apply no matter who made your Android phone: Samsung, Google, Huawei, Xiaomi, etc. The names of menus and options will differ slightly if you are using an older version of Android.

How to Remove a Gmail Account From an Android Device

Here are the basic steps to remove a Gmail account from an Android device. Because Android changes, we'll include the different wording to help you find the right selections to use.

  1. Open Settings.

    Three Android screens showing Settings icon, Accounts, then Accounts button
  2. Tap Accounts or Users & Accounts.

  3. Select the Gmail account you want to remove. If there are multiple with the same email address, select the one that has the Gmail logo.

    Three Android screens showing Gmail account to remove, Remove Account button and Remove Account confirmation
  4. Tap Remove Account.

  5. Confirm with a tap on Remove Account again.

On some Android devices it isn't possible to remove a Gmail account. You can, however, disable that account by going to Apps > Gmail > Disable.

For more in-depth instructions, including potential pitfalls and options that may solve your problem without actually removing your Gmail account, read the following sections.

How to Keep Gmail But Stop Emails

If you use a different app for email, you can turn off syncing for Gmail or turn off Gmail notifications.

Here's how to turn off syncing for Gmail so new emails aren't downloaded into the Gmail app:

  1. Open Settings and tap Accounts, or Users & Accounts on some phones.

  2. Tap the Gmail account you want to manage. You may need to tap Gmail first on some devices. Be sure to select the entry that has the Gmail icon, not a third-party app icon.

    Accounts, Gmail account, Sync account button, and Gmail sync toggle button on Android
  3. Tap Account sync.

  4. Scroll down to Gmail, and tap the toggle next to it to disable Gmail from syncing to your phone. Some devices might call this Sync Gmail.

If you want to keep the Google account on your phone and keep getting Gmail messages, but not be bothered by alerts each time new mail arrives, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Gmail app.

  2. Tap the  icon.

  3. Scroll to the bottom and tap Settings.

  4. If you have multiple Gmail accounts, tap the one you want to manage.

    Menu button, Settings button and Gmail account in Android Gmail Settings
  5. Tap Notifications, then None to turn them off.

    Notifications button, None radio button in Gmail Settings for Android

Problems Removing a Google Account From an Android Phone

While these instructions work for the vast majority of Android phones, you may run into a handful of different problems.

The most common is that when you get to step four, you may need to tap the overflow menu button to access the option to remove your account. On some phones, you may not see the overflow menu button on your screen.

If you don’t see the overflow menu, which looks like three vertically stacked dots, you may still be able to access it. Look at your Android for a physical or virtual button that looks like three vertically stacked lines.

If you have a button like that, press it when you get to step three. That should open up the overflow menu, which will allow you to remove your Gmail account.

In some cases, you may also have trouble removing the primary Gmail account from your phone. This is the account that was used when the phone was first set up, and it is tied into many apps, like the Google Play Store.

If you are unable to remove your primary Gmail account from your phone, it may help to first add a new Gmail account. If that doesn’t work, you may need to perform a factory reset. This will also remove all your data from the phone, so make sure to back everything up first.