How to Remove a Follower on Spotify

How to block someone on Spotify

What to Know

  • On the Spotify desktop app, go to the user's profile, select the ellipses, and choose Block.
  • If you're on an artist page, you won't be able to block them.
  • You can't block users through the Spotify mobile app.

This article explains how to block a follower on Spotify. You'll need to use the Spotify desktop app to do this.

How Do I Block Followers on Spotify?

Although you can't directly remove a follower on Spotify, you can block people following you. Blocking someone removes them from your followers' list, and they won't be able to follow you again. You can block your followers on the Spotify desktop app so they can't follow you or see your activity.

  1. In the top-right corner on Spotify, click on your account name and select Profile.

    Spotify account drop down with Profile highlighted
  2. Underneath your profile name, click on your follower count.

    Account profile page with Followers highlighted
  3. Select the person you want to block to go to their profile.

  4. Under their profile name and picture, click on the ellipses icon.

    Spotify User profile with Ellipses (More) highlighted
  5. Select Block and then Block again in the pop up window to confirm.

    Block confirmation window on Spotify

If you go back to your profile, you'll see the blocked user has been removed.

Can You Block Someone on Spotify?

Besides blocking followers, you can block anyone else with a Spotify profile. You can do this similarly to blocking people you follow. Spotify recently added this feature to block others' user profiles, and it allows you to stop the people you block from viewing your profile or seeing your Spotify listening activity. At any time, you can also unblock a user if you wish.

How Do I Block Someone on Spotify?

If you want to block someone who may not follow you but has a Spotify profile, you can do this as well. The process is similar to blocking a follower.

  1. Locate the profile you wish to block. You can do this by searching by username or finding a Spotify playlist they've made and selecting their username.

  2. Under their picture and username on the user profile, select the ellipses icon.

  3. Select the Block option. If you don't see it, you may have already blocked them, or you're on an artist profile, which doesn't support blocking.

  4. Choose Block again in the confirmation window to block the user.

  5. If you wish to unblock the user, you can go back to their profile, select the ellipses again, and choose Unblock.

Spotify won't notify the user of you blocking them, and they won't be able to see your profile or any of your activity.

  • How do I cancel Spotify?

    To cancel Spotify Premium, log in to the Spotify website and go to Account > Change Plan > Cancel Premium. To delete your Spotify account, go to and select Account > I want to close my account.

  • How do I listen to friends' playlists on Spotify?

    To find a friend's playlist on Spotify, go to View > Friend Activity, choose a friend, and select See All next to Public Playlists. You can also listen to Spotify with friends via Group Sessions.

  • What can my Spotify followers see?

    Your Spotify followers can see your activity including your public playlists, your recently played songs, and your other followers. You can limit what followers see in your account's social settings.

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