How to Remove Duplicate Contacts From Yahoo! Mail

Make your address book sane again

An empty address book
Mr. Granger / Wikimedia Commons / Creative Commons

People change names and email addresses, sometimes they move, and sometimes of your friends have the same name. Some friends are such great friends that they appear about five times in your Yahoo! Mail address book!

Yahoo! Mail contacts can get in a bad shape through no fault of your own. Fortunately, that same contacts can get back to pristine with little effort.

Remove Duplicate Contacts from Yahoo! Mail

To remove duplicate contacts from the Yahoo! Mail address book:

  • Follow the Contacts link in Yahoo! Mail.
  • Select Tools | Clean up Duplicates… from the toolbar.
  • Click a suspected duplicate.
  • Make sure all address book entries that do not belong to the one you're consolidating are not checked (for Merge this duplicate) under Duplicates.
  • Click Edit under Merge Preview to remove any extraneous data or make other desired changes to the newly merged contact.
  • Click Save and Next.

Using Merge all EXACT on the duplicates list, you can quickly eliminate any dupes that are precise copies without differences.