How to Remove a Device From Google Home

Use the remove or unlink options in the app

What to Know

  • Remove a device: Select the device, tap the Settings icon, and choose Remove device > Remove.
  • Unlink a device: Select the device > Unlink [device name] > Unlink.
  • Troubleshoot: Perform a factory reset, double-check Google Assistant settings, or delete the associated room or home.

This article explains how to remove a device from Google Home in the Google Home app on Android or iOS. Removing a device from Google Home unlinks it from your Google account. This step also deletes most device data and history.

How to Remove a Device From Google Home

Follow these steps to remove a connected device from your Google Home.

  1. Select the device you want to remove.

  2. On the device screen, tap the Settings icon in the upper-right corner.

    If you see your device in the Google Home app, but you can’t access its Settings page, it could be disconnected. Double-check the device is plugged in and online.

  3. Select Remove device and then confirm the removal by choosing Remove.

    The Remove device option from the Google Home app

How Do I Unlink a Device From Google Home?

If you’d like to remove a Works with Google device or smart home product, follow these steps.

  1. Locate and select the device you want to remove in the Google Home app.

  2. Look for and tap Unlink device name from the device settings.

  3. Confirm you want to remove the device from this manufacturer by tapping Unlink.

    Unlink option to remove a device from the Google Home app

    When you unlink one device from a Works With Google manufacturer, you’ll lose all devices from that specific product brand.

Why Can’t I Remove a Device From My Google Account?

If you continue to see your device after you’ve removed it, try these tactics.

Factory Reset the Device

A good measure to take even if you’re planning to keep your device is to factory reset it. To factory reset your Google Home device, refer to the product documentation for specifics.

On some devices, such as the Nest Thermostat, you’ll find this option from the Settings menu. Others, such as the Google Nest Hub Max, require holding down a physical button for a certain number of seconds.

If you set up your Nest device with the Nest app, the chances are that’s the best place to remove it from your Google Account. Try removing it there first and factory resetting it as recommended.

Unlink it From Assistant Settings

The device could still be linked to your account. Check and remove it from Assistant Settings.

  1. Select your profile avatar in the upper-right corner of the app and select Assistant settings > Devices.

  2. Tap the device you want to unlink from your Google account.

  3. Press Unlink this device > Unlink on iOS and Remove device on Android to remove and unlink a device.

    Process for unlinking a device from Google Assistant settings in the Google Home app

Delete the Associated Room or Home

If you continue to see your device after you’ve removed it, you may want to try deleting the room or the whole home a device is associated with for a fresh start.

To remove a particular room, choose the Settings icon > Rooms and groups > select the room name and press Delete room > Remove.

Steps to remove a Room from a Home in Google Home

To delete the whole home, choose Settings > Delete this home > Delete home. To ensure no one else can access the device, remove all household members from Settings > Household first.

Steps for deleting an entire Home from the Google Home app

To maintain access to the devices you still want to use, make sure you create another home first. Reassign each product to the new home by tapping the device and then selecting Settings > Home and picking a different home.

  • How do I set up my Google Home device?

    Setting up your Google Home device can vary depending on the hardware. Plug the device into a power outlet > download the Google Home app to your smartphone > open the Google Home app and select Devices. Choose your device and select Set-up Devices > follow the on-screen instructions.

  • How do I connect my Google Home to Wi-Fi?

    To connect your Google Home device to Wi-Fi, sign in with your Google account in the Google Home app. Once the app discovers your Google Home device select Next > listen for a sound and select Yes if you hear it > choose device location > enter device name. Choose the Wi-Fi network and enter the password > Connect.

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