How to Remove Your Birthday From Facebook

Stop notifications of your birthday from going out on Facebook

What to Know

  • Website: your profile > About > Contact and basic info.
  • App: menu > your profile > Edit public details > Edit Your About Info.
  • You can hide your birthday from friends, but you can't remove it completely.

This article explains how to take your birthday off of Facebook so friends, or the public, can't see your birthday and/or birth year. We cover removing your birthday on the website or the mobile app.

How Do You Take Your Birthday Off of Facebook?

The steps are nearly identical whether you're doing it from a computer or the app:

Hide Your Birthday on Facebook Via the Website

Go into your profile settings, to the Contact and basic info section, to change who can see your birthday month/day or year.

  1. Visit your profile by selecting your image at the top right of the page.

  2. Select the About tab under your cover photo and profile image area.

  3. Choose Contact and basic info from the left.

    Facebook About and Contact and Basic Info
  4. Find your birthday on the right side, under Basic info, and select the pencil icon next to it.

    Facebook birthday information
  5. Select the audience button, again, next to your birthday.

    Birthday edit options on Facebook
  6. Listed here are all the possible audiences you can make your birthday visible to.

    To stop everyone but you from seeing it, choose Only me. If it's set to Public already, but you want to make sure only your friends can see your birthday, select Friends.

    Select audience prompt on Facebook for birthday settings

    You can do the same for your birth year on this same screen.

  7. Click Save.

Hide Your Birthday From the App

Editing your birthday privacy settings from the mobile app is just as easy as it is on the website. You'll need to edit your public Facebook details to find the birthday visibility option.

  1. Open the menu by tapping your image at the top right, and then choose your profile from the menu.

  2. Select Edit public details.

  3. Scroll to the bottom and choose Edit Your About Info.

    Faceboo kAndroid app profile settings
  4. Swipe to the Basic info area where you see your birthday, and tap Edit.

  5. Tap the button to the right of your birthday to see your options. Choose Friends to prevent the public from seeing your birthday, or More options > Only me to hide your birthday from your Facebook friends.

    Use the button next to Birth Year if you want to change the privacy settings for the year you were born.

  6. Tap Save at the bottom.

    Facebook birthday settings on Android

Can You Remove Your Birthday From Facebook?

Yes and no, depending on how you look at it.

You can remove your birthday, using the directions above, to essentially wipe it out of the public eye. You can hide it from your Facebook friends and others by choosing Only me during that step.

However, you can't remove your birthday completely. Facebook needs to know how old you are, so you'll notice there isn't a "delete birthday" button or "no birthday" option on that screen. Instead, you can only control who gets to see it.

What Happens If You Hide Your Birthday on Facebook?

It's simple: if you hide your birthday from friends and the public, then only you can see it on your profile.

What's the biggest change? Your friends will not be notified about your birthday when it comes along, and when they look for their friends' birthdays on Facebook, yours will not be listed. If you don't like the attention, taking your birthday off your account will prevent other users from seeing the exact month, day, and/or year you've hidden.

Another consequence is privacy. If you're more of a lurker on Facebook than a real user, hiding your birthday makes it that much harder for someone to know who you are. If someone is using Facebook to find you online, and they've stumbled on your profile and can see your full birthdate, knowing it's you becomes pretty clear.

Of course, this isn't a permanent decision. You can hide and unhide your birthday as often as you'd like by following the steps above.

How to Turn Off Birthdays Alerts From Friends

Similar to hiding your own birthday from your friends' accounts, you can hide alerts about their birthdays from your account. Do this if you don't like to be reminded about their birthdays, or if you prefer to see your friends' birthdays manually.

If you're on the Facebook website, select your profile image at the top right to go to Settings & privacy > Settings > Notifications. Another way to get there is to open your Facebook Notification Settings page. If you're in the app, open the menu at the top and go to Settings & Privacy > Settings > Profile settings > Notification settings.

Then, select Birthdays from the list, and toggle the Allow notifications on Facebook option to the off position.

Facebook Birthday notifications setting
  • How do I change my birthday on Facebook?

    In the app, go to your profile, and then tap See Your About Info, and then select Edit next to Basic Info. Put in a new birthday, and then select Save at the bottom. On the website, go to your profile, select the About tab > Contact and Basic Info, and then select the pencil item next to your birthday.

  • How do I find out someone's birthday on Facebook?

    If the person whose birthday you're looking for has their birthday both entered and visible, you'll see it on their profile. Check the About tab.

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