How to Remove a Card from Apple Pay with iCloud

Remove Credit Card from Apple Pay with iCloud
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Having your iPhone stolen is traumatic. The expense of replacing the phone, the potential compromise of your private information, and a stranger getting their hands on your photos are all upsetting. It may seem even worse, though, if you use Apple Pay, Apple's wireless payment system. In that case, the thief has a device with your credit or debit card info stored on it.

Luckily, there's an easy way to remove Apple Pay information from a stolen device using iCloud. Being able to easily remove your credit card info via iCloud is great, but there's something important to know about that: removing the card is not actually the best news about this situation.

The best news is that because Apple Pay uses the Touch ID fingerprint scanner or Face ID facial recognition system as part of its security, a thief who's got your iPhone would also need a way to fake your fingerprint or face to use your Apple Pay. Because of that, the likelihood of fraudulent charges being made by a thief is relatively low. Still, the idea that your credit or debit card is stored on a stolen phone is uncomfortable—and it's easy to remove a card now and add it back later. Here's what you need to do.

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Log into iCloud and Find Your Stolen Phone

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To remove your credit or debit card from Apple Pay on an iPhone that's been stolen or lost, follow these steps:

  1. Go to (any device with a web browser —desktop/laptop, iPhone or other mobile device — is fine).
  2. Log in using your iCloud account (this is probably the same username and password as your Apple ID, but that depends on how you set up iCloud).
  3. When you've logged in and are at the main screen, click on the Settings icon (you can also click your name in the top right corner and select iCloud Settings from the drop-down, but Settings is faster).
  4. Your Apple Pay information is tied to each device it's been set up on (rather than to your Apple ID or iCloud account, for instance). Because of that, you'll need to look for the phone that's been stolen in the My Devices section. Apple makes it easy to see what device has Apple Pay configured by putting an Apple Pay icon beneath it.
  5. Click the stolen iPhone that has the card you want to remove.
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Remove the Credit or Debit Card Your Stolen Phone

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When the phone you selected is shown in the pop-up window, you'll see some basic information about it. Included in that are the credit or debit cards that are set up on this phone with Apple Pay. If you have more than one card set up in Apple Pay, you'll see them all here.

Find the card(s) you want to remove and click Remove.

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Confirm Removal of Card from Apple Pay

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A window pops up to warn you of what will happen as a result of removing the card (mostly that you won't be able to use it with Apple Pay anymore; big surprise). It also lets you know that it may take up to 30 seconds for the card to be removed. Assuming you want to continue, click Remove.

You can log out of iCloud now, if you'd like, or you can wait to confirm. After about 30 seconds, you'll see that that credit or debit card has been removed from that device and that Apple Pay is no longer configured there. Your payment info is safe.

Once you recover your stolen iPhone or get a new one, you can set up Apple Pay like normal and start using it to make fast and easy purchases again.

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More Tips on What to When Your iPhone Is Stolen

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If your iPhone has been stolen, removing a card from Apple Pay is only one of the steps you need to take. Here are some other tips for what to do next: