RemotePC 7.5.0 Review

A Full Review of RemotePC, a Free Remote Access/Desktop Program

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RemotePC is a free remote access program for Windows and Mac. You can find nice features like chat, file transfer, and multiple monitor support.

Both mobile devices and desktop software can be used to make a remote connection with a RemotePC computer.

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Note: This review is of RemotePC version 7.5.0 (for Windows), which was released on February 28, 2018. Please let me know if there's a newer version I need to review.

More About RemotePC

  • RemotePC can be used with Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP
  • Windows Server 2008/2003/2000 and Macs can use RemotePC as well
  • In addition to the desktop program for the client computer, you can download an Android or iOS app to make a connection
  • RemotePC can listen to sound from the remote computer

Pros & Cons

I'll be honest, RemotePC isn't the perfect remote access tool, but there's a lot to like and it may be the right choice for you depending on your needs:


  • File transfer
  • Connections are secured with 128-bit SSL
  • Text chat
  • Connect over a browser instead of software
  • Remote printing
  • Supports Wake-on-LAN
  • Can send keyboard shortcuts
  • Record sessions to an AVI file
  • Multiple monitor support


  • Can only have one remote PC on your account at once

How RemotePC Works

The best way to use RemotePC is by registering for a user account so that you can keep track of the other computer that you'll be connecting to.

However, if you plan to connect to another computer spontaneously, you can do that too, without adding the host computer to your RemotePC account.

The same program can be installed for both the host and the client, which means there aren't any confusing utilities or random tools that you must download in order to make RemotePC work - just install the same program on both the host and the client computer.

Sign in to your RemotePC account on both computers. On the host computer, specify a Key that should be used to access the computer remotely - this is just a password. Log on to the same account on the client side (the computer that will be controlling the other one) to see the host computer. Connecting is as easy as selecting that computer.

My Thoughts on RemotePC

RemotePC isn't the best program to use if you want to have spontaneous remote support with someone. It's meant more for unattended access to your own computer, just one computer, and it's fairly good at it.

For instance, the fact that it has a chat feature is really nice. Other programs like AeroAdmin lack this, so it's nice that you can find it in RemotePC.

I always like having file transfer capabilities when connecting to a remote computer, which RemotePC has. It works like the file transfer feature in Remote Utilities, where the other computer isn't prompted to accept transfers and no progression bar is displayed. This is nice so someone in passing won't see the files you're moving to and from your computer.

There are also some some things I didn't like about RemotePC. For example, I found it to be slower than any other remote access program I've used.

It was slow to make a connection and also slow while I was trying to control the other computer.

Another downside I discovered is that while RemotePC is said to be able to share a single application window as a replacement of sharing the entire desktop, I couldn't get it to work while testing it in Windows 8. The whole desktop sharing experience was fine, but when trying to launch the single application feature, it didn't seem to even attempt to work.

Overall, I'd recommend RemotePC for unattended access, but if it's just too slow for you, you can always try something quicker like TeamViewer or Ammyy Admin.

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