How to Reset a Router Remotely

3 ways to reset a router without unplugging it

What to Know

  • Use a browser to log into your router from your computer and select the Reboot option from the Advanced router menu.
  • If your router supports telnet, use the Windows telnet client to send the router a reboot command.
  • Plug your router into a smart plug and use the smart plug smartphone app to turn power to your router off and on again.

This article provides instructions and information about resetting a Wi-Fi router remotely using your browser and several other methods.

What Does It Mean to Reset a Router?

If devices on your home network have difficulty connecting to the internet, it may be time to restart your router. One of the easiest ways to do this is to reset your router remotely. There are several ways you can do this.

When most people think of resetting a router, they just mean restarting the router. Most people do this by either flipping the power switch in the back of the device or pulling the plug, waiting, and plugging it back in.

In this article, you'll learn how to remotely restart the router using your web browser, using a "remote management" command, or using a smart plug connected to your Wi-Fi network.

Another type of "reset" you can do is one that sets all of the configuration and settings to their original defaults (just like when the router was new). It's also called a "factory reset" or a "hard reset," and you usually do this by using a small pin to press the reset button on the back of the router. You don't typically need to do this to get your connection working again.

How to Reset a Router Remotely with Your Browser

There are a few ways you can reset your router without walking over and restarting it manually. The easiest method is to open the browser and log in as an administrator.

  1. Open a web browser and connect to your home router as an administrator. You'll need to know your router's IP address to do this. Type this IP address into your browser URL field and type in the administrator credentials.

    Someone logs into their Wi-Fi router using a web browser
  2. Once you're logged into your router as administrator, you can usually find the option to reboot your router in the Advanced section of the router's menu.

    A Netgear router's settings screen with the Reboot option highlighted

    Be careful not to select any Reset or Factory Reset options, as this will perform a hard reset and clear all of your configuration and settings in your router. However, if rebooting the router doesn't resolve the issues you're having, performing a hard reset may be the only alternative option to resolve any problems.

  3. Once you select the Reboot option, your router may display a countdown to when it will power down. Once it does, the router will automatically restart again on its own. It'll usually take 30 to 60 seconds for the whole router reboot process to complete.

    In this same area of the router menu, some routers include a scheduler option to configure the router to reset at a regular interval automatically. If this option is available, it can be helpful to keep the router operating efficiently over the long term.

Other Ways to Reset a Router Remotely

Some routers also offer the ability to issue a reset command using the Windows telnet client. Another method you can use to restart your router remotely is using the creative option of keeping your router plugged into a Smart Wi-Fi plug.

  1. To connect to your router with telnet, you'll need to enable the telnet client on Windows 10. Once enabled, select Start and open the Telnet Client. Type Open and press Enter. You may need to enter the admin ID and password. Once connected, type help system to find the reboot command from the list of available commands. Type the reboot command to restart the router.

    This option to reset a router remotely will only work if the router model supports telnet connections. If you're not sure if your router does, check the manufacturer's manual to confirm.

  2. Another method to remotely reset your router is to plug it into a smart plug. This way, any time you're having internet issues and need to reset the router, you can open the smart plug app on your phone, disable power to the router, and then re-enable it to restart it.

    Screenshot of using a smart plug

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Remotely resetting your router can be helpful whenever your internet is slow or you can't connect to the internet at all. It's also beneficial to turn off your router every night to keep the internal components cool and extend the life of your router.

  • Can I reset my Wi-Fi router with my phone?

    Yes! Many router brands, like Linksys and Netgear, offer official apps on both Android and iOS that let you control your device with a smartphone.

  • How can I remotely reset my router without the password?

    If this is your first time accessing your router, odds are it's using a default username and password. You can usually find it in your router's manual or via a Google search. If you changed the login info and forgot it, you may need to perform a factory reset to restore your router to its default settings.

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