Complete Overview of Remote Scan Software

Share a single scanner across an entire network

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While Remote Scan software might be expensive, it's still cheaper than buying a second (or third) scanner for network use. Small businesses — and maybe even some larger ones — may find Remote Scan an easy way to network scanners and save a bundle.

What We Like
  • Allows scanning across a wired/wireless network.

  • Easy to install and set up.

What We Don't Like
  • Expensive.

  • Only works with Windows.


  • Allows a single scanner to be shared across a network.
  • Cost varies per number of users.
  • Tested with Windows Vista (and older versions of Windows to 98).

Our Review

Having a scanner available on a network seems like a great idea. Many people have a few laptops or computers around the house, all on the same wireless network, however, most households have only one scanner. This means you have to bring the laptop you're working on to the scanner and connect via USB — not the best use of time.

Remote Scan offers a way to solve this problem. Its software allows any computer on the network to share a single scanner. On the company's website, they even offer the chance to use their office scanner remotely, as a test.

We got an evaluation copy and gave it a try. The software is quick and easy to install; simply download a single executable file from the company's site and run it to start the installation.

There are two parts:

  1. One goes on the "server" computer (the computer that's physically attached to your printer/scanner).
  2. The other piece of software goes on the computers that will access the scanner remotely.

All that software was installed surprisingly easily and without having to understand a lot of technical languages.

All well and good, but could we connect without a lot of troubleshooting? You bet. We inserted a picture from the scanner remotely, using Microsoft Word. The scan happened quickly and flawlessly.

Purchasing the product is where it becomes clear that it's a solution more for businesses than casual home users.