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Microsoft retired on January 10, 2020. All user content was deleted. This article exists for archival purposes.

Microsoft's Remix 3D is a space where 3D art designers can showcase and share their creations. Microsoft's Paint 3D app includes built-in support for Remix 3D to make it easy to save and download 3D designs.

The idea behind Remix 3D is to "remix" models with Paint 3D. That is, to download 3D models created by other designers and customize them to your preference. Anyone can upload their remixed models for community members to enjoy, and there are even challenges you can join to show your modeling creativity.

If it's not already clear, the point of Remix 3D is to share 3D models. It's for anyone who creates 3D models to be able to share them with the world while at the same time download other 3D designs that they can incorporate into their own projects.

Who Can Use Remix 3D?

Anyone can visit Remix 3D to browse the models but a free Xbox network profile is required in order to download and upload files. This account is set up through your Microsoft account, so if you have either, it's really easy to get started with Remix 3D by just logging in under that account.

However, downloading Remix 3D models is only possible if you have the Paint 3D app, which is available for Windows 10 users only. You can download and upload models through the app itself or use the Remix 3D website.

How to Use Remix 3D

There are several parts to Remix 3D. Below are some of the things you can do:

Find and Download 3D Models From Remix 3D

From the Remix 3D website, you can search and browse to find and download any model. The Staff picks, Community, and Inspiration sections provide various categories to find models.

Next to every model is a simple way to share it over Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, and email. You can also see when the model was uploaded, find out what program was used to build it (e.g. Maya, Paint 3D, 3ds Max, Blender, Minecraft, SketchUp, etc.), "like" the model, engage with other users through the comments section, and see how large the file size is.

To download a model from the Remix 3D website, click or tap Remix in Paint 3D to open the model in Paint 3D. If you're already in Paint 3D, choose Remix 3D from the top of the program and click/tap the model you want to download onto the open canvas.

Please know that the Remix in Paint 3D button is not clickable unless you're on Windows 10.

Play Remix 3D Challenges

The challenges on Remix 3D consist of a set of 3D models that you can download and remix to your liking, so long as they follow the challenge's rules. Once you're finished, the idea is to upload the model back to Remix 3D for others to enjoy.

For example, see this Occupations Challenge from Microsoft. As per the instructions on that page, you could download this doctor model and make it into any scene that's relevant to that model, like this one.

You can visit the Challenges area of Remix 3D to see all the different challenges there are.

Create Public or Private Remix 3D Boards

Boards on Remix 3D are used to organize your models. They're private by default so that they're only useful to you, but you can publicize them so that anyone viewing your profile can see what you've cataloged there.

Boards can consist of your own 3D models, models taken from other designers, or a combination of both.

You can create new boards from your MY STUFF page, in the Boards section, using the New board button. Add models to your Remix 3D boards with the plus (+) sign next to the "like" (heart) button on the model's download page.

Models themselves cannot be private. While a board can remain private, it's only that collection of models - that folder - that is really hidden. Every model uploaded to Remix 3D remains publicly available for download.

Upload Models to Remix 3D

Remix 3D lets you upload an unlimited number of models so long as you only upload one file at a time, it's no larger than 64 MB in size, and it's in the FBX, OBJ, PLY, STL, or 3MF file format.

Here's how to do it through the Remix 3D website:

    1. Choose the Upload button at the top right of the Remix 3D page.
      You need to be signed on to your Microsoft account to continue beyond this step.
  1. Click/tap Select file from the Upload your model window.
  2. Find and open the model.
  3. Choose the Upload button.
  4. Select a filter from the options on the Set the scene window. You can also optionally adjust the Light wheel setting to decide how light appears against the model.
    1. Click or tap Next.
      Decide on a name for your model. This is what it will be called when it's on Remix 3D.
      You can also fill out a description so that visitors understand what the model is, as well as include tags, both of which make it easier for others to find your model on Remix 3D. Another option from the drop-down menu asks which application was used to design it.
  5. Choose Upload.

You can leave the Light wheel values as their defaults if you want. They're used to change how the design appears to the community but you can always make changes to these two settings after the model has been uploaded.

The name is the only requirement when uploading 3D models but it, and the other details can be changed later if you need to edit them.

You can also upload 3D creations to Remix 3D from the Paint 3D app through Menu > Upload to Remix.

Models show up in the MY STUFF area of your profile, under the Models section.

You can edit the details of your 3D model after you've uploaded it to Remix 3D by going to the model's page and choosing the More button (the three dots) and then Edit model. This is also where you can delete your model.

3D Print Models From Remix 3D

Microsoft's 3D Builder app can be used to 3D print models from Remix 3D.

  1. Visit the download page for the model you want to 3D print.
  2. Click or tap the More menu; it's the one with three horizontal dots.
  3. Choose 3D print.
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