How to Fix Your Safari Top Sites If They Get Corrupted

Update your Safari top sites when they are corrupted

Reload Safari Top Sites - Update Your Safari Top Sites When They Are Corrupted
Once your Internet connection is working again, simply click the reload button in the URL bar.

Safari's Top Sites feature is a handy way to quickly access your favorite sites. The Top Sites page displays your favorite web sites in thumbnail view, so you can quickly scan multiple web sites for new information. This can be particularly helpful for news or technology sites, where pages are updated frequently.

But sometimes Safari top sites get corrupted. We'll show you how to fix this somewhat common error.

Causes of Safari Top Sites Errors

Safari's Top Sites feature may stop working properly if you lose your Internet connection, even for just a brief period. Whether the cause is your home network router, DNS issues, or your ISP going offline due to a severe storm in your area, an interrupted connection can sometimes cause the thumbnails in Safari Top Sites to either stop updating or display error messages.

How to Fix Safari Top Site Corruption Issues

Luckily the fix is simple; so simple, in fact, that it's easy to overlook.

  1. Wait until your internet connection is back online and secure.

  2. From the menu bar, select View > Reload Page or press command+r on your keyboard.

  3. If some of the Top Sites fail to update, press shift+command+r to perform a hard refresh.

That's it. Your Top Sites should now refresh with new thumbnails.