What Does Regus Businessworld Offer?

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Regus businessworld lounge
Regus businessworld business lounge. Melanie Pinola

Regus Businessworld's professional business lounges are a convenient alternative to working on the go at wi-fi hotspots, such as Starbucks. With more than 3,000 locations to access worldwide, membership can definitely be worth it for frequent travelers, though amenities and working environment can be hit or miss depending on the location.


  • 3,000 business centers in 900 cities and 120 countries worldwide.
  •  Gold membership offers unlimited walk-in access to business lounges and cafes with free internet and refreshments.
  • Higher membership plans for a virtual office plus gold membership benefits.

What Does the Company Offer?

Perks of using Regus Businessworld include:

  • Convenient locations in major office buildings.
  • Amenities, like free coffee, copiers, phone.
  • Helpful receptionists.
  • Four levels of service.
  • Access to business lounges, or shared or private office space.
  • Hold meetings, print, email and more in a workplace setting with business support.
  • Locations in major cities, business parks, airports and transport centers.
  • Discounts on meeting rooms and video communications.
  • Print / scan / photocopy facilities 

Review of Regus Businessworld Remote Offices

I'm writing this in one of Regus Businessworld's professional lounges in New York. The room is pretty small, with only four club chairs, one mobile desk, and one cable for wired Internet, but it's still more space and more of a professional environment for working than a crowded coffee shop or bookstore.

Regus also rents out other spaces in this large office building, so I see suited people walking about in the halls, and even hear a muffled meeting going on in the room next door. For some, the background noise and motion might be irritating, but being among other people while working on your own is the main reason to use a business lounge instead of your home office -- you're not as isolated and it's a good change of scenery that could make you more productive.

Access to business lounges like this is also most convenient for frequent travelers.

I'm really appreciating the great coffee now but have been having trouble with the Internet access.

Despite the wi-fi issues, visiting the Regus business lounge was a nice change of pace -- an office away from my home office where I can feel more businesslike. If you travel frequently and need reliable places to work that are more private and secure than public hotspots, you would likely find more value in the Gold membership, but keep in mind that different business world locations may vary in terms of working environment.