What Happened to Club Nintendo?

Goodbye Club Nintendo. Hello Nintendo Account and My Nintendo

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Nintendo discontinued its Club Nintendo program in 2015 and replaced it with Nintendo Account and My Nintendo. Much like its predecessor, My Nintendo encourages interaction with rewards and discounts on digital games, but a Nintendo Account is required to participate at My Nintendo. Anyone with a Nintendo Account can use My Nintendo free. 

Create and Use a Nintendo Account

If you already have a Nintendo Network ID, use it when you sign up for a Nintendo Account.

You can also use a Facebook, Google or Twitter account to sign up.

If you link your Nintendo Account with your Nintendo Network ID, you can:

  • Buy games for your Nintendo system on your PC or smart device
  • Earn My Nintendo rewards program points
  • Download games automatically to your gaming system

After you set up your Nintendo Account, go to My Nintendo to sign in to the site. You can also sign up for a Nintendo Account at the My Nintendo site. It is important to use the same Nintendo Network ID on all your purchases and services for the smoothest experience. If you haven't already done it, link your Nintendo ID to your Nintendo Account to start earning points at My Nintendo.

Using My Nintendo

Like Club Nintendo, My Nintendo users earn points for specific activities. Among them are :

  • Playing apps on smart devices
  • Buying digital games for the Wii U or Nintendo 3DS systems

My Nintendo points are in the form of Platinum Points, which you earn interacting with Nintendo services and apps, and Gold points, which you earn for buying digital versions of games.

Redeem those points for exclusive digital games, discounts, and in-app items.

Nintendo Account vs. Nintendo Network ID

Nintendo Accounts and Nintendo IDs are two separate things that are used for different purposes.

  • The Nintendo Network ID is used on video game systems such as Wii U and Nintendo 3DS systems. It is used for online features like online multiplayer interactions or buying downloadable software through the Nintendo Game Store.
  • A Nintendo Account is used with certain web services such as My Nintendo. It is also used with smartphone apps, such as Miitomo. A Nintendo Account can be linked to only one Nintendo Network ID.
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