The Student's Quick Reference Guide to Web Research

(for College, University, and High School Students)

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Designed specifically for academic purposes, this guide is a living document to help you choose the right browser tools and plug-ins, manage multiple web screens at once, choose the best search engines, sift through thousands of essay and paper examples, and manage the challenges of copyright, plagiarism, and reference authentication.

So if you're a college student, university student, or high school student, then bookmark this page now.

The content that follows will be updated weekly to reflect the dynamic web resources at your academic disposal!

Research Fundamentals: The Next 10 Resources

  1. How to Write a Research Paper
    It's surprising how many students don't know the basics of a good research paper. can fill in the gaps here.
  2. How to Write a Book Report
    A book report is more than just copying Cliff's or Cole's Notes, or typing what a friend dictates to you. Here are the important essentials you should know about book reports.
  3. How to Write a Biography
    Describing the life of George W. Bush or Sir Winston Churchill requires more than just copy-pasting from Wikipedia. Here are some guidelines for how to biograph a person's life in a research piece.
  4. How to Write an Essay
    Essays have varying purposes. How you achieve each of those purposes is key to getting a good grade. Let offer some essay essentials to you here.
  1. When to Cite a Resource
    Is it ok to just say obvious claims like "the US military is the most powerful in the world." Or should you actually get supporting evidence for statements like these? Here are some guidelines.
  2. How to Start a Study Group that Works
    A study group can make a big difference in your learning, especially if you take the time to set it up right. Here are some tips on how to build a good group learning experience.
  1. Cheating
    Have you ever cheated on an exam or essay? Are you considering it for an upcoming grade? Think twice before you do.
  2. The Best Free Downloads for Back to School
    If you are high-tech enough to use software for your studying, definitely check out these suggestions.
  3. The Top 7 Google Tools for Students
    There are tremendous Google products to help students absorb more, and present more effectively.
  4. Start a Student Podcast Club
    Podcasting is a powerful alternative to typing out long papers. If the podcaster has any skills in voicing, a podcast can be much more motivating for the audience.
  5. How to Lighten Your Student Backpack
    If you are going to go to school for years, then don't waste energy hauling unnecessary books and supplies. Here are some tips to save your back and your energy.

Wait! Did You Skip these Internet Basics Below?

  1. Plug-InsDo You Have The Right Tools for Internet Research?
  2. FirefoxManaging Web URL's, Bookmarks, and Multiple Screens
  3. Firefox Scholar Tip: Firefox Citation Tool: "Scholar"
  4. Locating ContentThe Difference Between Visible and Invisible Web Pages
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