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 Making a Note Block song is not as easy as it seems if you want it to sound good. In this article, we speak with YouTube’s AwesomenessZack to explain how he makes his music in Minecraft.

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What Goes Into Making One of Your Note Block Songs?

Dark Horse - Katy Perry (Minecraft Note Block Song)

If you’re doing a cover, the first thing you will need is a song. This can be taken from pop culture and media or from your own taste in music. When choosing a song, Zack claims, “If you have to listen to a song over and over to transpose the notes into Minecraft, you need to actually like the song you are listening to." When making Dark Horse, there were nearly 20 tracks of Note Blocks needed for each layer to give off the specific sounds.

There is a lot of Redstone work that goes into creating these types of songs and various programs to assist in making music. Zack uses a program known as Note Block Studio and transposes every note of a song into the program. “You need to have a basic comprehension of Redstone, a master of music theory and transposing music by ear if you plan to make a Note Block song by scratch," Zack informs.

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What Do You Do With Note Block Studio?

Minecraft Redstone Contraptions - 3

“Most people get MIDI files from the internet and copy and paste the songs into Note Block Studio, but I pull out a pen, notepaper and loop the song over 1000 times to make it perfect." Putting the notes into Note Block Studio is a very tedious process. Generally, you would put the notes from the song into Note Block Studio and create a schematic file for the Note Block structure. After creating the structure, importing the file into a world with MCEdit is a must.
Upon importing your world, you will see your structure in your world and have various bits of Redstone, repeaters, and Note Blocks thrown in an orderly fashion. “Note Block Studio rearranges the composition (in an unintended way), and I have to go in and fix it by hand.” Note Block Studio is great for creating the structure, not so much with importing the actual notes and delay of the Redstone Repeaters. Fixing these errors that Note Block Studio produces takes hours of work and concentration. A single note that is off can make an entire song seem off.

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Structure and Redstone

Minecraft Redstone Contraptions - 3

Zack started playing piano at the age of four, this turned into getting a degree in Music Theory and going on to learn various instruments. Learning Music Theory has assisted Zack in many ways while producing his Note Block creations. Zack states, “Music Theory helps me detect specific notes, different keys and various elements many people would not hear in a pop song.” These traits and music-related talents come together to produce a high-quality Minecraft Note Block experience.

In Conclusion

"Making Note Block songs is not for everyone. Not everyone needs to have a degree in music theory to make Note Block songs, but it sure does make things a lot easier to do," Zack explains. Creating these various structures that have many components takes plenty of time and effort. On average, Zack claims that his songs that he has worked on take nearly 36 hours to complete. “While it can take hours of work to create a Note Block song, listening to the final product and seeing the notes play in front of your eyes is well worth the wait,” he admits. Zack has produced nearly 50 Minecraft Note Block songs that can all be found on his YouTube channel, AwesomenessZack. His most viewed Note Block song is “Fall Out Boy - Light Em’ Up” which you should definitely check out.

Thank you to AwesomenessZack for allowing me to have the opportunity to ask him what it takes to create a Minecraft Note Block song.