How to Resend an Email in Its Original State Using Outlook Redirect

Resend messages so that recipients can reply to the original sender

Header lines surround forwarded messages in Outlook. These header lines make it appear that the forwarded email is from you instead of the original sender. If the recipient wants to reply to the original sender, they must locate the address in the email. Instead, redirect the message. This way, the email is unchanged, and the recipient can respond to the original sender easily.

Instructions in this article apply to Outlook for Microsoft 365, Outlook 2019, Outlook 2016, Outlook 2013, Outlook 2010, and Outlook 2007.

Redirect an Email in Outlook 2010 or Later

When you want an email to look like it came from the original sender and not from you, redirect the email. Using the Resend option makes the email appear the same as the original message without the added information in a forwarded message. The email will be resent to the contacts you specify, and those contacts can reply to the original sender.

  1. Open the message you want to redirect in a separate window by double-clicking the email in the inbox.

  2. Go to the Message tab.

    An open email in Outlook.
  3. In the Move group, select either the Actions drop-down arrow or More Move Actions.

  4. Select Resend This Message.

    Selecting the action Resend this Message in Outlook.
  5. If you are not the original sender, Outlook confirms that you want to resend it. Select Yes.

  6. Address and, if needed, edit the message.

    Outlook message that is ready to edit for resending.
  7. Select Send.

  8. Close the original message.

Redirect an Email in Outlook 2007

The Resend feature is available in Outlook 2007, as well. Using the Resend option makes the email appear the same as the original message without the added information in a forwarded message.

  1. Open the email in a separate window.

  2. Go to the Message tab and, in the Move group, select Other Actions.

  3. Select Resend This Message.

  4. Click Yes.

  5. Enter the desired recipients in the To, Cc, or Bcc lines.

  6. Click Send.

To redirect multiple email messages, repeat these steps for each one. There is no way to redirect more than one email simultaneously.

When Resending Messages Fails

If you run into problems redirecting messages by resending them, forward emails as attachments as an alternative.

Another way to redirect is to use an add-on such as the Email Redirect component for Outlook.

Redirect an Email in Outlook Online

There is no Resend feature in However, you can clean up an email message before forwarding it to remove the header and other information.

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