Redbooth Collaboration Makes Apple TV an Enterprise Product

Now at Last you can Call Apple TV a Business Expense

The clear and easy to understand Redbooth interface makes project management easy.

When it comes to the Apple TV there’s little doubt the main focus of the product is in your schools and in your den, but the system may also enjoy a future in the enterprise as an interactive meetings and presentations tool. That's certainly what the recently introduced  Redbooth for Apple TV app aims to achieve.

Introducing Enterprise TV

Redbooth develops an enterprise-focused project management and collaboration platform that is used by some of the biggest global corporations, including CiscoStarbucks, and Coca-Cola.

Colombia’s biggest daily newspaper, El Tiempo, uses Redbooth and claims to have become “25 percent more productive” as a result of the productivity gains the app provides

The rationale behind the system is as a collaboration tool to enable workgroups to organize their work and manage projects. The full system integrates messaging, file sharing, search, task management, voice and video collaboration and document sharing tools. The company began developing its app when the  Apple TV 4 first shipped in 2015

The app doesn't offer all the functions of the full system but does provide some highly useful tools to enable collaboration. These include the capacity to input fresh data, edit tasks and add comments from an iOS device (including an iPhone or Apple Watch) running Redbooth’s other apps, or from any computer logged into the service online. 

How it works

Typically when you begin a meeting using interactive tools such as video projectors or whiteboards, participants must spend time pairing devices, setting up dongle connections or enabling and approving screen sharing systems. These steps can take valuable time, and the end results often see what's on display occluded by a variety of different OS items

With Redbooth beginning the meeting is a little faster: launch the Apple TV app and get meeting participants to log in using their computers and/or devices. (In order to edit or add information you must be logged into the app using a browser or iOS app.)

“While a TV isn’t the ideal medium for inputting data, what we realized was that planning meetings, particularly the kinds of status updates and progress reviews many of us have to attend frequently, often don’t involve a lot of data input,” the company’s Director of Product, Mobile, Ben Falk explains.

The software ships with a range of different templates for different uses. When you log into Redbooth all your existing workspaces will be synced with the Apple TV app. This means everyone can drill down into each others task lists and task status data. When logged in all parties can see right down into actions lists, completed tasks and recently changed items.

If there is one missing feature at this time it would be the lack of support for group video chat within the app. This may make sense as a future addition, enabling better management of remote team members. Given the company already offers such tools this may emerge in a future iteration of the software, but the company has declined comment.

One thing that is good is that the tools were designed with the needs of remote workers in mind. Such remote workers can access the same tools and information using the app on their own Apple TV.

Why it matters?

There are some very good reasons tools like these are becoming more prevalent in the enterprise. An Accenture report estimated that the potential gains of digitizing working practices may unlock 2.1 percent hidden value in US GDP, adding over $400 billion to the national coffers by 2020.

We’ve looked before at some of the other ways in which the Apple TV can be used in training. The ability to beam content over AirPlay to the Apple TV is widely used to offer presentations and share data during meetings.

However, with Apple’s solutions becoming increasingly prevalent across enterprise IT, it seems highly probable we will see more solutions like these appear for the Apple TV.