How to Recover Your Facebook Password

Locked out of Facebook? Don’t worry, all is not lost!

Even without your phone number and email address, Facebook offers several methods of account recovery. These solutions require the desktop version of Facebook.

Person typing their email address into Facebook Find Your Account
Lifewire / Grace Kim

It’s possible that if you’re not able to login with your regular credentials, your account has been hacked. After you regain access, change your password to something secure, and enable two-factor authentication on Facebook. Also visit Facebook’s troubleshooting page about hacked accounts.

  1. Go to Facebook’s login page

  2. Under the Password field, select Forgot Account

    A screenshot of Facebook's sign-in page with the Forgot Account button highlighted
  3. On the Reset Your Password page, click Continue if you recognize the partial email address or phone number. Then open the email or text for password reset directions.

  4. If not, select No longer have access to these

    A screenshot of Facebook's password reset page with the "No longer have access to these" button highlighted
  5. Go to Facebook’s Find Your Account page. Enter an email address or phone number you have access to and select Search. Try using an alternate email address or phone number if you've added them to your account. Otherwise, click No longer have access to these?

  6. Go back to the Find Your Account page. Enter your name or username. Include any nicknames you use. Click Search.

    If you’re not sure what your username is, ask a friend to login to Facebook and navigate to your profile, then send you the URL that shows up. Your username is the last part, after the forward slash. The URL will look like this:

  7. You’ll see a list of matching accounts. Click This Is My Account next to yours and follow the on-screen instructions to reset your password.

  8. If you don't see yours, click I Am Not On This List. What you'll see next is a screen where you can enter the full name of someone in your friends list, which will help Facebook narrow down your profile among all the others that share your name.

  9. Enter the full name of one of your Facebook friends, and then click Search. Click This Is My Account if you see yours and follow the on-screen instructions.

  10. If you can't find it, select I Am Not In This List.

  11. On the How Can We Reach You page, enter an email address or phone number you can access, then click Continue

  12. If you've set up Trusted Contacts on Facebook, select Reveal My Trusted Contacts and type the name of one of the contacts you assigned. 

    A screenshot of Facebook with the "Reveal My Trusted Contacts" button highlighted
  13. Next you’ll see additional instructions and a recovery code link. Send each of your trusted contacts the link and ask them to read you to codes that display.

    Facebook strongly recommends calling your contacts rather than texting or emailing them so they know for sure it's you making the request.

  14. Input each code and click Continue to access your account.