How to Recover Deleted Videos From Your Android Phone or Tablet

Get your files back with DiskDigger on Android

What to Know

  • Use DiskDigger. Tap Full Scan, then choose the directory where your deleted videos were located.
  • Next, tap the type of video you deleted, then tap OK to search the directory.
  • Choose the files you want to recover > tap Recover.

This article explains how to recover deleted videos on Android. Instructions apply to all smartphones and tablets running Android 7.0 and later.

How to Recover Videos on Android With DiskDigger

To get back your deleted videos:

  1. Download and install DiskDigger from the Google Play Store. Allow any permissions DiskDigger requests.

    Recovering videos with DiskDigger requires root access to your smartphone or tablet. Consider the pros and cons of rooting your Android device.

  2. Launch DiskDigger, and tap No Thanks when prompted to purchase the premium version.

    The pro version of DiskDigger recovers deleted music and document files in addition to pictures and videos.

    Install DiskDigger and Get diskDigger Pro screens on Android
  3. Go to the DiskDigger main menu, and tap Full Scan.

    This option is only available if you unlocked root access to your device.

  4. When the scan is complete a window appears, find and tap the directory where your deleted videos were located.

  5. Tap the type of video you deleted, or select all the video types. Then, tap OK to confirm you want to begin.

    If you want to see what comes with the pro version of the app, scroll through the listing. DiskDigger supports many file formats.

  6. DiskDigger searches the directory you chose and looks for deleted files that match the selected formats.

    Depending on the size of the directory, this process could take a while. Monitor the progress at the bottom of the screen. Pause DiskDigger if it slows down your device.

  7. When DiskDigger finishes, a window opens and tells you if it found any recoverable files on your device. Tap OK to see what it found.

  8. Tap the check boxes next to the files you want to recover, then tap Recover at the bottom of the screen.

    Three Android screens showing DiskDigger /data, video format selections, and Recover button
  9. The app asks you where you'd like to recover your files to. Choose one of the three options:

    • Android: Restore the video to your Android device. Return the file to its original location, move it to the SD card, or send it anywhere else you choose.
    • Online File Storage: Have DiskDigger save the video to Dropbox, Google Drive, or another app that sends files to the cloud or a different storage location.
    • Desktop or Server: Send the file to your desktop or server via FTP if it is set up.
  10. When DiskDigger is finished placing the resurrected video where you directed it to, close the app and play your video.

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