Recording VoIP Calls For Businesses

Software for recording your organization's phone calls

Secretary on phone taking notes
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There are many reasons you may want to record your customers' and employees' phone calls. Here is a list of some of the most common tools your organization can use for VoIP call recording.


PBXpress is more than a call recorder it's specifically designed for PBXs. It offers advanced tools for recording and archiving calls through your PBX. Its use is not subject to the VoIP service provider or hardware. You can download a live-CD demo before buying.

VPI Capture

VPI's Capture IP call recording software can record VoIP audio and screen interactions with very little impact on network resources. It records all audio into an industry standard, non-proprietary GSM file format. It can also be customized and scaled to meet the demands of businesses of all kinds - from small businesses to global enterprises employing in-house, and/or remote agents.

Cain & Abel

Despite the conflict-imaged impression the name of the software gives, Cain & Abel are two parts of it that work hand in hand. (I wonder why they chose such a name then!) Basically, it is a password recovery tool, but with a sniffer (Cain is the sniffer while Abel is the brute-force) that uses SIP to extract audio conversations and save them in WAV files.

Call Shadow

Call Shadow is a relatively cheap and easy-to-use VoIP call recording software for enterprises. It offers an interesting list of features. It can be tried for free for 30 days.

If none of these tools meet your call recording needs, you may find something more suitable on this list of personal tools for VoIP call recording.