How to Record a Phone Call for a Podcast

Record a call to include in a podcast episode

What to Know

  • Mobile apps: Download a call recording app for iOS or Android, such as TapeACall or Cube Call Recorder.
  • VoIP: Skype supports recording on desktop and mobile devices.
  • Web-based solutions are high-quality and easy to use. Try or AudioFile Solutions.

This article explains how to record a phone call for a podcast using iOS or Android apps, VoIP options, and web-based solutions.

How to Record a Phone Call for a Podcast

Recording phone calls for a podcast can be done in several ways depending on the equipment you use. Apps for Android and iOS mobile devices and VoIP options are the most popular, but there are web-based solutions for all phone types. You can even record a conversation on a landline phone.

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Recording Apps for Android and iOS

Record your calls with Android and iOS apps


Both iOS and Android have a variety of call recording apps, and many are free. With most recording apps, you set them up to automatically create audio files on your device of all your calls. You review the log of your calls from within the app or export the audio for use on a different device or computer.

Selecting the right app from the many that are available may take some experimentation. If you don't have a call recording app, try these apps that are available for Android or iOS mobile devices:

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Recording Calls Using VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol)

Record Skype Calls

Built-in Recording

Before you start looking for third-party solutions, check out your VoIP app. Skype supports call recording within both its desktop and mobile applications. You can have your conversation in thie popular VoIP platform, and you won't need anything extra to record your call. If you use a different calling application, look into its recording capabilties before buying something new to do this job.

Free Solutions

Free solutions are always popular. MP3 Skype Recorder is freeware for Windows 10, 8, and 7. It automatically or manually records your Skype calls and stores those conversations on your hard drive in separate MP3 formatted files. It records SkypeOut, P2P Skype calls, and Skype Online numbers.

iFree Skype Recorder is easy to use and free as well. It automatically or manually records your Skype calls and is compatible with the desktop version of Skype, Skype for Windows 10, Skype for Business, Teams, Facebook, and Google Chat.

Both Android and iOS device owners can also use Google Voice to record phone calls.

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A Web-Based Solution for All Types of Phones

NoNotes recording service

With, you call a toll-free number or use one of the service's mobile apps for iPhone or Android. Decide whether to record a call, record and transcribe a call, or record and transcribe dictation.

Dial the number you're actually calling and conduct your business. After you hang up, notifies you when your recording is ready. You can sign up for a free account, but the recording service requires a monthly or annual subscription.

There's also the professional route. AudioFile Solutions, a podcast production and transcription company, provides a conference call recording service. It is a manual process that is monitored by a recording engineer. The quality of the recording is excellent. The company doesn't publish its prices on the website—it provides quotes—but a sample trial is available.

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Recording Phone Calls Using a Landline

Journalist talking on a telephone in a home office

When recording phone calls on a landline, you need a device with one end that plugs into the phone jack and the other that connects to an audio recorder with remote and microphone jacks. The recording begins when the user picks up the phone. Both sides of the conversation are recorded at the same volume.

Finding a device for this service is challenging. As the popularity of landlines has declined, many of the compatible recording devices have been discontinued, and prices have gone up for devices that are still available, such as the RecorderGear TR600 Landline Phone Call Recorder.

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