Solutions For Recording Phone Calls in Your Podcasts and Webcasts

When you record your voice and a second voice (or more audio elements) for a podcast, use either a hardware mixer or software that emulates a mixer. The right hardware and software streamline the insertion of phone calls into your podcast.

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Recording Phone Calls Using Traditional Telephones - Landlines

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RadioShack makes a product called Smart Phone Recorder Control (Model: 43-2208 as of this writing).

It's about $29.99 and according to Radio Shack it "...begins recording on a cassette deck once you pick up the phone. This phone recorder control instantly starts your audio recorder when the telephone receiver or handset is picked up. It connects to any audio recorder with remote and microphone jacks."

Now, since it records to tape, you will have another step transferring the recorded audio from the cassette deck into your computer via the sound card's input jacks.

A similar product is available through Ahern called Konexx Model 100 Recording Jack. It records on cassette and interfaces with most sound cards, too. It retails for about $59.95.

Westek makes TeleTool 2000, a PC/telephone recorder. It allows you to record from a telephone directly into your computer.

Using a product like this will save you that extra step of transferring your recorded audio from a cassette deck as in the first product.

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Recording Phone Calls Using VOIP Phones - (Voice Over Internet Protocol)

Record Skype Calls

Built-in Recording

Before you start looking for third party solutions, you may not need to look any further than your VoIP app itself. Both Skype and Google Hangouts support recording within both their desktop and mobile applications. You can have your conversation of either of these popular VoIP platforms, and you won't need anything extra to record your call.

Free Solutions

Free solutions are always popular. MP3 Skype Recorder is freeware. It automatically or manually records all your Skype calls and stores your conversations on your hard drive in separate MP3 formatted files.

The application's website says it will record SkypeOut, P2P Skye calls, and Skype Online numbers. Download it using this links at

iFree Skype Recorder claims to be easy to use and free as well. It will automatically or manually record your Skype calls and can be used for Skype2Skype calls, SkypeOut/SkypeIn calls, and Conference calls. Download this software at​

Paid Options

Shareware podcasters looking for a new way to record Skype calls for their podcasts might want to look at this product from Applian Technologies. Replay Telecorder for Skype is touted as an easy, one-click Skype audio/video recorder.

According to a press release: "Replay Telecorder offers the user a choice of six different call recording options from an easy to access the drop-down menu. These recording options are audio only, picture in a picture, side-by-side video, recording just the local video, recording just the remote video or recording the call as two separate files."

Replay Telecorder for Skype requires Windows 7, XP or Vista with Skype installed and retails for $29.95. A free demo is available at the Applian Technologies website.

HotRecorder is a software application which is designed to work with VOIP products like Skype and Vonage. According to the HotRecorder website: "HotRecorder for VOIP is an advanced tool that allows you to easily record, play, store and convert voice communications held over the Internet. HotRecorder records all parties in 2 different channels and merges them into a single file."

A trial version is available for download and if you decide you like it, the premium version is only $14.95. You can download the file at

(I have not personally used most of these products so I make no claims on behalf of them.) 

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A Web-Based Solution for All Types of Phones

NoNotes recording service

With you simply call a toll-free number or use one of the services mobile apps (iPhone, Torch, Android). Decide whether to record a call, record and transcribe a call, or record and transcribe dictation.

Dial the number you're actually calling and conduct your business. After you hang up, will notify you when your recording is ready.

You can sign up for a free account which will allow you to record up to 20 minutes each month, auto email the recording, and allow you to use the transcription feature if you need it on a fee basis.

Other pricing options (Pay Per Use or Subscription) cater to your recording needs whether they are sporadic or regular. is only available in the U.S. and Canada at the moment.

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Recording Apps

Record your calls with Android and iOS apps

Appliqato, Cryok SIA, Green Apple Studio 


Both Android and iOS have a variety of apps that will make recording your calls a breeze. Many of these are free, but you can certainly find paid options as well. With most recording apps, you can set them up to automatically create audio files on your device of all your calls. You can review the log of your calls from within the app, or you can export the audio for use on a different device or computer.

On Android, take a look at Call Recorder from Green Apple Studio. iOS users should check out TapeACall by Epic Enterprises. Both Android and iOS device owners can also sign up for Google Voice, and use it to record your calls.

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More Recording Solutions

Modem Spy voice recording

Additionally, I have come across other applications and resources which may be useful in recording phone conversations. Here are the links:

The Call Corder website says, "Call Corder records telephone calls and conversations directly to your hard disk with a single push of a button, optionally playing a legal disclaimer. It stores calls as standard Windows sound files." You can download an evaluation copy at Call Corder is $49.95.

Modem Spy is designed to record phone calls in either .mp3 or .wav format. A trial version is available at The registered version is $34.95

There's also the professional route. AudioFile Solutions provides a conference call recording service. This is a manual process and monitored by a recording engineer. The company also offers editing services.

More Options

The products I've mentioned in this piece are only some of the solutions available for recording audio from traditional, cell, and VOIP telephones.

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Diagram of How Audio Elements Work With A Mixer and Computer

Audio Mixer Diagram
Graphic Credit: © Corey Deitz

This diagram above shows how a typical mixer is used with a microphone, telephone audio, and CD player.