How to Record Your Screen on Windows 10

Yes, you can easily screen capture video in Windows 10

What to Know

  • Enable Game Bar: Start > Settings > Gaming. Toggle on Record game clips, screenshots, and broadcast.
  • Next, press Windows+G > in the Capture widget, select Record.
  • Or open PowerPoint presentation > Insert > Screen Recording. Select area on desktop > Record.

This article explains how to enable screen recording to record your screen on Windows 10 using the Windows Game Bar or PowerPoint. Instructions cover Windows 10 desktop and laptop computers.

How to Use Game Bar to Screen Record on Windows

Here's how to record on Windows 10 using the Game bar. You'll need to set up the Windows Game Bar if you haven't already. Once you've set it up, follow the steps below.

  1. Open the app or program you want to record and then press Windows + G on your keyboard. This opens the Game bar overlay.

  2. In the Gamebar overlay, you'll see several widgets, including Capture, Audio, Performance, and maybe Xbox Social. There is also a main toolbar at the top of the screen that corresponds with these widgets, so you can add or remove them at any time.

    The Game bar overlay in Windows 10.
  3. In the Capture widget, select Record.

    The Record option in the Capture widget of the Windows 10 Game bar.
  4. Once the recording starts, a recorder appears in the upper right corner of the page. Here you can view the recording time, press Stop (blue circle with a white square in the center), or control your microphone.

    The recording controls from the Game bar in Windows 10.
  5. When you're finished, press the Stop and a message flyout appears on the right side of the screen to let you know that you have created a recording. You can click this message to access the recording or you can navigate to the recording in your Videos file.

    The Game clip recorded notification in Windows 10.

Windows 10 Game Bar Limitations

It's easy to record your screen on Windows 10 with the Game bar, but there are a few caveats.

  • Some applications, such as File Manager, cannot be captured with the Game bar.
  • You cannot capture your desktop; you must be capturing an app.
  • If while you're capturing, another window appears over the one you are recording, it won't appear in your recording (but the movement of your cursor will).
  • You can use apps from either the Windows Store or apps that you've already installed on your computer.

How to Screen Capture in Windows 10 Using PowerPoint

If you need to capture your desktop or capture multiple windows, Microsoft PowerPoint might be a better option for capturing your screen. It's fast to set up and more versatile than using the Game bar.

  1. Open a new presentation in Powerpoint and go to Insert > Screen Recording.

    The Screen Recording option in PowerPoint.
  2. The PowerPoint presentation will minimize, and your desktop will appear. If you don't get a prompt to select the area you want to record, click Select Area and drag your cursor around the area you want to record. A red, dashed bounding box appears around the area you want to record.

    The Recording area created when you screen record on PowerPoint.
  3. Once you've set the area, you can click Audio to turn the audio on or off and Record Pointer to capture (or not) the pointer as you move around the screen. When you're satisfied with your setting, click Record.

    Recording options when screen recording from PowerPoint on Windows 10.
  4. A short countdown will appear, and then your recording will be live. The control panel for your recording may also disappear. If you push your cursor into the top, middle of the screen, the control box will appear again.

  5. When you need to pause or stop your recording, you can choose Pause or Stop from the Recording menu.

    The recording controls in PowerPoint on Windows 10.
  6. Once you stop the recording, you'll be taken back to PowerPoint, and the recording will insert into the slide you selected. To save it to your computer, right-click the recording and select Save Media as from the menu.

    The right-click menu on a screen recording in PowerPoint on Windows 10.
  7. Navigate to where you want to save the file and then click Save.

  • How do I record the screen on Windows 11?

    In Windows 11, open the Xbox Game Bar and select Record. You can also use PowerPoint's screen-recording utility: select Insert > Media > Screen Recording.

  • How do I turn on screen recording on an iPhone?

    Open the Control Center and tap Screen Recording. You'll see a countdown from three to one, and then the screen will start recording your content or actions. Tap Screen Recording again to stop. The video will be saved to the Photos app.

  • How do I do a screen recording on a Mac?

    To screen record on a Mac, press Command+Shift+5 > choose Record Entire Screen, or select Record Selected Portion > select the area you want to record. Press Record when you're ready.

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