How to Record Skype Calls

Use the Skype recorder or try a popular app

Recording a Skype call is as easy as hitting a record, but you need to make sure everyone knows, and agrees to be recorded.

Thankfully, Skype makes it easy to comply with everyone’s privacy. Before you record a Skype call, Skype notifies everyone that the call is being recorded.

This capability is available in Skype version 8.0 and applies to the desktop, web, and mobile versions.

How to Record Skype Calls

Before you can record a Skype meeting you'll need to make a HD video call or a phone call to another person.

After you’ve made a connection, you can start recording your phone conversation. Start recording a call by selecting More options (the plus symbol) > Start recording.

More button in Skype's lower right corner

When the recording starts, Skype displays a banner that notifies everyone on the call that they are being recorded. During a video call, everyone’s video and shared desktops are also recorded.

Stop recording button in upper left corner of Skype window

When you’re done recording, select Stop recording. The recording will be stored in the Skype Chat pane.

Did you forget to stop recording? No worries. Once the call is ended, Skype will stop recording. To find the recording, select Chats and choose the conversation that was recorded.

Chat button and recordings in chat window in Skype

You and the other people in your conversation will be able to view the Skype recording, save the file to your computers, and share it with others. These recordings are stored as MP4 files in the cloud for 30 days.

Save Skype Recordings

Your Skype recording is saved in the cloud for 30 days. After that, it will be removed from your Skype account. Before those 30 days are up you are able to download the recorded Skype meeting.

To download the recording to your computer or another location, open Chats and select a conversation. For the recording you want to save, select More Options > Save to Downloads to save the file to your downloads folder. Or, select Save as to save the file to a different location.

More button (horizontal dots) in upper left corner of Skype window

On a mobile device, tap and hold on the recording and tap Save to store it in your device’s camera roll.

Share Skype Recordings

To share a recording, open the Skype Chats pane and select the conversation that was recorded. For the recording that you want to share, select More Options > Forward. On a mobile device, tap and hold the recorded call and tap Forward.

A screenshot of the Forward Message window in Skype showing where to select people with whom to share a recorded Skype call

In Forward Message, type a message and enter the people you want to share the message. You can also select people from the list.

Select Done when you’re finished. On a mobile device, tap Send.

Use a Third-Party App to Record Skype Calls

If you’re using an older version of Skype, you may not have the ability to record phone conversations and video conferences. In these instances, use a third-party application to do the job for you.

There are several apps that work with Skype version 7 and record calls. One of these apps is MP3 Skype Recorder. MP3 Skype Recorder is free for personal, non-commercial use.

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