How to Record Your Screen on Windows 11

4 ways to capture video of your screen

What to Know

  • Snipping Tool: Select the Record button > New > select recording area > Start.
  • Xbox Game Bar: Select the Record button.
  • PowerPoint: Insert > Media > Screen Recording. ShareX works, too.

This article explains the different ways you can record what is on your computer screen in Windows 11. Only two methods are built-in (Snipping Tool and Xbox Game Bar); for the others, you'll need to download a specific program.

How to Record Your Screen With Snipping Tool

The Snipping Tool is a well-known screenshot maker built-in to Windows 11, but it can also record the screen.

  1. Search for and open Snipping Tool from the Start menu.

  2. Select Record (the camera button).

    windows 11 snipping tool record button
  3. Select New, and then drag somewhere on the screen to decide what area to record.

  4. Choose Start to begin recording.

    windows 11 snipping tool record selection
  5. Select the Pause icon to temporarily stop the recording, or use the Stop icon to end the whole recording. Share and save options are available after the recording ends.

How to Record Your Screen With Xbox Game Bar

Xbox Game Bar comes with Windows 11 by default. There are several settings you can customize in the Xbox Game Bar, but for this tutorial, we're just looking at how to record the screen and access the captured file.

  1. Open the program you want to record, and select it so it's in focus.

  2. Open the Xbox Game Bar and select the record button. You can get to it by either searching your computer for it or triggering the WIN+G shortcut.

    Xbox Game Bar capture controls with the Record button highlighted

    Is the record button grayed out? If you can't select it, it's most likely because the cursor is focused on the desktop or a File Explorer window. Select the program window you want to record instead, and try again.

  3. Monitor the time as it elapses next to the red circle, and then select the square to stop the screen recording.

    Xbox Game Bar stop capture button highlighted
  4. Open the Xbox Game Bar once more, and select Show all captures to watch the recording, delete it, or open the folder where it's located on your computer.

How to Record Your Screen With PowerPoint

While Snipping Tool and Xbox Game Bar are built-in to Windows 11, most people also have PowerPoint installed, which includes its own screen capturing utility for saving recordings in a slideshow. Using this method lets you export the video from the slideshow to any folder on your computer, so you can use the recording much like any video file.

  1. Open a blank presentation, or an existing one, if it's within the slideshow you will ultimately store the recording.

  2. From the Insert tab, find the Media area, and choose Screen Recording.

    PowerPoint Screen Recording button highlighted
  3. Choose Select Area from the box at the top of the screen, and then draw directly over the area you want to record. You can also use this menu to enable/disable audio recording and toggle the cursor's visibility.

    PowerPoint screen record options with Select Area highlighted
  4. Once the selection is made, choose Record to start the screen recording.

    PowerPoint screen recording selection with Record button highlighted
  5. Use the pause button any time you need to, and then select Record again to resume the screen capture.

    When you're completely done recording the Windows 11 screen, press the stop button, or enter WIN+Shift+Q.

    PowerPoint Stop Recording button highlighted
  6. The recording is automatically inserted into the slideshow. To save it elsewhere, right-click the video and choose Save Media as, and then pick where on your computer to save the MP4 recording.

    PowerPoint video Save media as menu option highlighted

How to Record Your Screen With ShareX

ShareX is a free screen capturing program that supports recording your screen and saving it to an MP4 or GIF.

  1. Select Capture followed by either Screen recording (to make an MP4) or Screen recording (GIF).

    You can also enter Shift+Print Screen for an MP4 or Ctrl+Shift+Print Screen for a GIF.

    ShareX capture menu options with Screen Recording highlighted
  2. Select the area you want to record. The recording will begin shortly after the selection is made.

    You can click and drag to make a box over the area. To capture a single window, hover the mouse over it so it becomes highlighted, and then click once. To record your whole screen, select the desktop.

    ShareX screen recording selection
  3. Choose to stop and save the screen capture or to abandon it completely (i.e., stop it and don't save it).

    To do this, right-click the red dot in the taskbar and select Stop. Another option is to enter Shift+Print Screen. If the bottom of the selection is visible, you'll see a Stop button as well. Use Abort to abandon the recording.

    ShareX stop recording options highlighted
  4. Select the recording within ShareX to open it, or right-click it and go to Open > Folder to see it in File Explorer (where you can then edit it with other software, share it, etc.).

    ShareX open folder menu option highlighted

Other Ways to Record What's on Your Computer Screen

The methods described above aren't even close to all of your options. There are many other software programs designed specifically for screen recording, unlike PowerPoint.

  • How do I record the screen on Windows 10?

    To record your screen on Windows 10, press Windows key + G to open the Game bar overlay. Click the record button to capture your screen, then press the Stop button when you're done recording.

  • How do I record the screen on an iPhone?

    To record the screen on an iPhone, navigate to the iOS Control Center by swiping down from the top or swiping up, depending on your device. Tap the record button, then tap Start Recording if prompted. Tap the red bar or timer to stop recording. If you don't see the record button, go to Settings > Control Center > Customize Controls and enable Screen Recording.

  • How do I record the screen on a Mac?

    To record the screen on a Mac, press Command + Shift + 5 to open the Screenshot app. Select the Record Entire Screen button to record everything that's visible on your screen, or select the Record Selected Portion button to draw the area you want to record. After you make your selection, press Record; select the Stop button from the menu bar when you're done.

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