How to Record a Voicemail Greeting on iPhone

Change What People Hear When They Call Your Voicemail

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The default voicemail greeting on the iPhone is a generic: "Your call has been forward to an automated voice message system..." sort of thing. That's OK, but if you use your phone for work, you need a personalized greeting to seem professional. Even if your phone is just for personal use, you still want people to hear your voice and name so that they know that they called the right number.

Luckily, recording your own custom voicemail greeting on the iPhone is really simple. You can even change your voicemail greeting whenever you like. Here's what you need to do.

The instructions in this article apply to all iPhone models running iOS 11 and iOS 12.

How to Record a Voicemail Greeting on iPhone

  1. Tap the Phone app to open it.

  2. Tap the Voicemail tab on the far right.

  3. Tap Greeting at the top left to see the voicemail options.

  4. Tap Custom. This will let you record your own voicemail greeting and stop using the default voicemail greeting.

  5. Tap Record to start recording your own custom greeting and start speaking.

  6. When you're done recording your voicemail greeting, tap Stop.

  7. To listen to the greeting you just recorded, tap Play. If you're happy with the greeting, continue to the next step. If you want to record it again, go back to step 5.

  8. When you're happy with the greeting and want to use it, tap Save. You can now leave the Phone app.

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The next time you need to change the voicemail greeting on your iPhone, just follow these steps again. You can change your iPhone voicemail message as many times as you like; there are no fees or limitations to the number of greetings you create.

To use the iPhone's default voicemail greeting instead of your custom option, go to Step 4 and choose Default. Your custom greeting will be saved, so you can always select it again.

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iPhone Voicemail Message Tips

  • You can only have one custom voicemail greeting on your iPhone at a time. Any new message you record will overwrite the existing custom greeting. This also means that you can't switch between other greetings you've made in the past. If you want to reuse an old greeting, you have to re-record it.
  • There isn't a button that lets you delete a custom greeting. Instead, you have to record a new one to replace the one you want to get rid of. 
  • While it is possible to undelete voicemails in some situations on the iPhone (more on that in a minute), you can't undelete voicemail greetings. If you recorded a new greeting and saved it, the old one is gone.

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