How to Record Gameplay on PS5

Show off video clips and screenshots of your accomplishments

What to Know

  • Press the Create button (the button with three lines above it to the left of the touchpad) to record gameplay on a PlayStation 5.
  • To record short video clips, press the Create button twice.
  • To adjust video recording settings, go to Settings > Captures and Broadcasts.

This article explains how to record gameplay on a PlayStation 5. Instructions apply to the PS5 Standard and Digital Editions.

How to Record on PS5

The PS5 is always recording so you can save recent gameplay footage. To start and stop recording a new video on the PS5, follow these steps:

  1. Press the Create button. It's the button to the left of the touchpad with three lines coming out of it.

    The Create button on a DualSense controller for PS5
  2. Select Capture Options.

    Capture Options on the PS5
  3. Adjust the settings to your liking. Your options include:

    • Video Clip File Type
    • Include Your Mic's Audio
    • Include Party Audio
    Capture options on a PlayStation 5
  4. Select Start New Recording to capture video footage. A timer will appear at the top of the screen.

    Alternatively, select Save Recent Gameplay and choose Save Short Clip or Save Full Video.

    The Start New Recording button on a PlayStation 5
  5. To stop recording, press the Create button again and select Stop Recording. You may have to wait a few seconds as your video is saved to the hard drive.

    The Stop Recording button
  6. Select the thumbnail that pops up to view your video. Videos are saved to your Media Gallery, which you can access from the Home menu.

    The thumbnail of a recent capture on a PS5

Pressing the Create button will pause your game, but it won't pause the timer if you are already recording.

How to Clip on PS5

To record short video clips, press the Create button twice. An icon will appear at the top of the screen to confirm you're recording. You can also press the Create button once and select Save Recent Gameplay > Save Short Clip.

How to Share and Edit Clips on PS5

Before you can share PS5 videos online, you must link your social media accounts to your PlayStation 5. By linking your YouTube and PSN account, you can upload videos to YouTube from your console.

  1. Press the PS button on your controller to go to the PS5 Home screen, then select Media Gallery.

    Media Gallery on the PS5 Home screen
  2. Select the video clip you want to share. To select multiple videos at once, select the checkmark on the left side of the screen.

    The "Select Multiple" button in Media Gallery
  3. Select the paintbrush to edit your video.

    The Edit button in the PS5 Media Gallery
  4. On the Edit screen, you can trim your video clip and choose a cover image.

    The Trim and Cover Image options for a PS5 gameplay clip
  5. Select Done to save your edited clip.

    The Done button in the clip editing screen
  6. Select the arrow (or Share if uploading multiple clips) to share your video.

    The Share button in PS5

To save videos to a USB drive, select the three dots (or Copy to USB Media Device if uploading multiple clips).

How to Change PS5 Video Capture Settings

You can adjust the video quality and other options in the system settings.

  1. From the Home screen, go to Settings at the top of the screen.

    Settings on PS5
  2. Select Captures and Broadcasts.

    Captures and Broadcasts in PS5 Settings
  3. Select Captures on the left side of the screen.

    The "Captures" heading in Captures and Broadcasts settings
  4. Choose Shortcuts for Create Button.

    The "Shortcuts for Create Button" option
  5. Select Length of Recent Gameplay Video Clip and choose a time.

    The "Length of Recent Gameplay Video Clip" options
  6. Go back to Captures and Broadcasts and select Broadcasts. You have the following options:

    • Video Quality
    • Audio
    • Camera
    • Overlays
    • Chat to Speech
    The Broadcasts heading

How to Record PS5 Gameplay With a Capture Device

If you prefer, you can use a compatible video capture card to record and save PS5 gameplay videos directly to your computer or an external hard drive. However, you first should go to Settings > System > HDMI and turn off Enable HDCP. Disabling HDCP can prevent some apps from working.

If you have trouble recording audio, go to Settings > Sound > Audio Output, change the output device to HDMI (AV Amplifier), then change the number of audio channels from 7.1 to 2.

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