How to Record Discord Audio

All you need is a chat bot and a couple of text commands

What to Know

  • Record audio on Discord with the Craig chatbot:>Invite Craig to Your Discord Server and add the bot.
  • The Craig chatbot alerts everyone in the group that it is recording audio.
  • You might need to change your microphone settings by going to Settings > App Settings > Voice & Video.

This article covers how to install and use the Craig chatbot as well as how to access and change microphone settings in Discord.

Even though the Craig chatbot discloses that it’s recording, it’s a good practice to tell everyone in the chat room ahead of time to head off privacy concerns.

Setting Up and Using the Craig Chatbot

To record Discord calls or other audio using the Craig chatbot, you need to be a server owner or moderator. Once you add the bot to Discord, it takes only a few text commands to start and stop recording.

The bot can record for up to six hours and records every speaker on a separate track, so any audio editing you need to do is more straightforward. Recordings are automatically deleted after 7 days.

  1. Go to

  2. Click Invite Craig To Your Discord Server

    Setting up the Craig chatbot on Discord.
  3. Tap the down arrow under Add Bot To.

    Setting up the Craig chatbot on Discord.
  4. Select your server from the list.

    Setting up the Craig chatbot on Discord.
  5. Click Authorize.

    Setting up the Craig chatbot on Discord.
  6. Tick the Captcha box to prove you're not a robot.

    Setting up the Craig chatbot on Discord.
  7. You should see a message in your server that Craig has joined.

    Setting up the Craig chatbot on Discord.
  8. To start a recording, go to an audio channel and type:

    :craig:, join
    Setting up the Craig chatbot on Discord.
  9. The bot’s username will change to show that it’s recording, and will say “now recording.” You’ll also get a message from the Craig bot with links to your conversations.

  10. To stop a recording, type:

    :craig:, leave 
    Setting up the Craig chatbot on Discord.
  11. Craig will leave the channel you’re in and stop recording. If you’re recording audio on other channels, that will continue.

  12. To stop the bot from recording any channel, type:

    :craig:, stop
  13. The Craig chatbot will share a link to its website, where you can access a full list of Craig commands, if you type this command in Discord:

    :craig:, help

How to Configure Discord's Microphone Settings

It’s a good idea to check your microphone settings in Discord before starting a recording, or if you’re experiencing audio issues.

  1. Open the Discord app.

  2. Click the Settings gear.

    Configuring Discord's microphone settings.
  3. Select Voice & Video under App Settings.

    Configuring Discord's microphone settings.
  4. Click the down arrow to open the drop-down menu under Input Device.

    Configuring Discord's microphone settings.
  5. Choose the microphone or headset you want Discord to use. You can also test your mic, adjust input volume, among other settings.

    Configuring Discord's microphone settings.

    To access mic settings on mobile, tap your profile image on the bottom right. Scroll down and tap Voice & Video in the App Settings section.

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