Rebuild Society on Your Phone With 'My Time At Portia'

A cute, post-apocalyptic town builder for Android and iOS

Cute little post-apocalyptic town builder, My Time At Portia, released on Android and iOS devices on Wednesday, and is discounted for a limited time for early purchasers.

Developer Pathea Games' and publisher Pixmain's popular human civilization rebuilding sim, My Time At Portia, has made the leap to mobile devices. Android and iOS ports for what Pixmain refers to as "the PC blockbuster" are available now, with their prices temporarily reduced to $5.49 and $5.99, respectively.

My Time At Portia on mobile


These new versions tease special mobile-only "housewarming gifts," available for the game's first week only. These gifts include a mystery gift box from My Time At Sandrock (Portia's upcoming sequel), mobile-exclusive swimwear, a massage chair, and whatever a mushroom cabin is.

Anyone who downloads My Time At Portia during the first week also will have an opportunity to receive up to three additional "Gacha" boxes with mystery prizes inside.

What's less of a mystery is how Pathea Games has adjusted many of My Time At Portia's features to provide a smoother experience for a mobile audience.

My Time At Portia on mobile


The interface has been changed to better fit a smaller screen, while other optimizations have been implemented for on-the-go play to save players time. Item and task tracking have been included for added convenience, and new manual and auto-save features make it easier to stop or pick up the game at a moment's notice.

Both the Android and iOS versions of My Time At Portia are available and on sale right now (Android is $5.49, iOS is $5.99), with the price returning to $7.99 after the first week.

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