Create Your Own Social Front Page with RebelMouse

Social Aggregation for All Your Online Updates in One Convenient Place

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It sure can be difficult to keep up with everything that gets posted on every social media site and app that you use these days. If you're looking for a sleek and engaging way to feature all your best social updates in one convenient place on the web, a RebelMouse site might just be exactly what you need.

RebelMouse provides you with a simple website that you can build and customize yourself to automatically feature all of your updates across your social media profiles and RSS feeds in a beautiful Pinterest-like layout. Think of it as your very own social front page.

Why Use RebelMouse?

Besides looking really cool, there are a lot of ways you can use your RebelMouse site to promote your content. You can use it to do the following:

Feature your most visual content. RebelMouse is excellent for featuring photos and videos. You can help your followers cut through the clutter in all your social profiles by providing them with one place to view all of your most visually engaging content.

Automate content sharing. Once you connect your social accounts and customize what you do and don't want to be shared (hashtags, photos only, etc.) then you don't have to worry about sharing anything manually, unless you want to by making a new post in RebelMouse. The beauty of RebelMouse is that everything automatically updates as you go about your business posting all around social media.

Point existing followers to follow you on additional sites and apps. By getting a glimpse of all your best content pulled from everywhere, the people who visit your RebelMouse site may be more inclined to follow you on other social profiles rather than just the one or two places they already follow you.

Encourage sharing and engagement. RebelMouse is all about being social. Any visitor can roll their mouse over (or tap their finger if they're on mobile) the area labeled "Share" at the bottom of each post to share it on their own social accounts. Likewise, other RebelMouse users can even "Like" or "Repost" your posts to their own RebelMouse sites.

Reach more people. RebelMouse is an amazing tool for getting your stuff viewed. You can check out your own site stats to see what posts of yours are getting front page views, card views, viral views and more.

Core Features of RebelMouse

Once you sign up for a free account, you can dive right into building your RebelMouse site. Here are some of the features you can look forward to using:

Build multiple site support from your account. You can create and manage multiple sites from your single RebelMouse accounts, which may be useful for users who need to separate specific themes or business sites.

Manually create a post or draft. The idea behind RebelMouse is to have your social updates automatically published, but you can always choose the "Add Post" option in the sidebar to post something manually to your site.

Manage your content sources. RebelMouse can post content from Facebook profiles, pages and search terms; Twitter handles, hashtags, lists and search terms; Instagram usernames and hashtags; Google+ profiles and pages; YouTube usernames and search queries; Tumblr feeds; RSS feeds; Pinterest feeds; LinkedIn; Flickr; StockTwits; and Giphy. You have lots to work with!

Customize your site design. RebelMouse lets you do a lot with how your site looks. You can upload a custom header, select a theme, choose how your content is displayed and even play around with the CSS if you want to change the color and style.

View your stats. See what content is getting the most views and engagement so you can get an idea of what your audience loves to see the most from you.

Use the bookmarklet. RebelMouse has a handy bookmarklet you can drag into your browser's bookmarks so you can add a post for an article, photo, video or whatever you want -- on the fly.

Embed your site. You can embed your RebelMouse site into any other site or blog with the HTML it generates for you. And if you have a WordPress site, you can use the RebelMouse plugin to feature your site on a full page or as a widget.

Use a custom domain. Your RebelMouse site can be found at, but if you want to use a custom domain, you can set that up from the "Sites" section.

Invite guest editors and administrators: For partners and teams, you can invite other RebelMouse users to have editing and administrative access to certain sites, making it easier for multiple users to manage sites.

RebelMouse's Upgrade Option

Although a free site offers a lot, its upgraded version -- Rebel Roar -- can give you a much more serious set of features to work with, which may be useful for marketers and businesses looking to take their social presence to the next level. With Rebel Roar, you get additional language and compliance filters; permission automation; intelligent management; real-time content ads, integration with ad, email and web platforms; conversion insights; real-time trending alerts; and affinity publishing.

Get Started for Free

Now that you know what RebelMouse is all about, you can get started right away with a free account and start building your site. You can even check out my very own RebelMouse site, complete with Web Trends updates, at