Rebecca Johnson

Becky Johnson is a Microsoft Office Certified Master Instructor.


Becky has been teaching Microsoft Office programs for 15 years as a public sector and corporate technology trainer and as an adult educator, as well as teaching Microsoft Office college courses. In 2005, Becky achieved her Master Instructor Certification from Microsoft. Along with training, she has a decade of experience conducting workplace usability surveys to help organizations automate difficult tasks and improve efficiency when using software.


Becky has her Bachelors of Art Degree in Communicating Technology, where she graduated magna cum laude. She received high honors with her Masters of Art degree in Leadership and Organizational Development in 2011, with a focus on Adult Learning.

Rebecca Johnson

I believe that working on your computer should never be hard. It is my goal to show you how to use your word processing software in the easiest and least stressful way possible. I also strive to understand the needs of every user, from those just starting out with word processing to those who have been creating complex documents for years.

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