Six Reasons Why Nintendo Should Release Fatal Frame V

Please Nintendo, Don't Let Another FF Game Pass Us By

UPDATE: On April 1, 2015, Nintendo announced that Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water would be coming to the U.S. It will be released as an eShop-only title (as opposed to Europe, where it is also available on disk) on October 22, 2015.

There’s a little buzz about the possibility that Fatal Frame: Oracle of the Sodden Raven (aka Fatal Frame V) may be exported.  Nintendo, which published the game in Japan last year, has made no announcements regarding other countries, but Devil’s Third director Tomonobu Itagaki, who knows FFV director Kikuchi Keisuke  from his days at Tecmo, recently excited Fatal Frame fans by stating on facebook that he believes the game will come to the rest of the world, telling people to “read between the lines.”

Will it happen? Who knows? Here are six reasons why Nintendo should make it happen.

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The Wii U Needs Games that Show Off the Gamepad


One of the problems Nintendo has had with the Wii U is explaining why the gamepad exists; very few of their games took advantage of it. The problem is so severe that they finally assigned their gaming deity Shigeru Miyamoto to the task of creating games that utilize the gamepad to disprove the common notion that it’s a pointless gimmick.

Fatal Frame V isn’t a game that uses the gamepad just to help Nintendo out though. If the series didn’t exist, it would have been created for the Wii U, whose controller makes a perfect camera peripheral (and was used as such in Game & Wario). In a year when Nintendo is eager to make the statement, “the gamepad is an awesome controller that revolutionizes gaming,” how can they not want this game to travel the globe?

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It Could Be Part of a Core Game Wave on the Wii U


When the Wii U was introduced, Nintendo positioned it as something that would appeal to the core gamers who had rejected the casual-inclined Wii. They then promptly focused exclusively on casual, family-friendly titles. For 2015, the Wii U has Xenosaga Chronicles X and Devil’s Third, plus two family-friend but core-attractive games, a new Legend of Zelda and the online multiplayer shooter Splatoon. Add FFV to the mix and the Wii U would have a very impressive line-up of exclusives to appeal to adult gamers. At worst, even a 2016 FFV release could help retain some of the core momentum of 2015.

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The Wii U Needs Horror


2014 was a big year for horror games. Unless, that is, you were on the Wii U, whose entire library of horror is 3 games (one per year). Right now there are no Wii U horror titles slated for 2015. Nintendo, don’t let the scariest thing on the Wii U this year be ghosts in Mario Party 10

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It’s a Popular Series


Okay, it’s not Call of Duty, or even Silent Hill, but they’ve been making these for years, so clearly there’s a fan base. This isn’t some fly-by-night game no one’s ever heard of. How many successful series have been so shunned in the U.S.? What is Nintendo thinking?

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A Hollywood Movie is Coming

Listen, I hate the word “synergy” as much as anyone, but let’s face it, company’s love to reinforce products with related products, and the release of a Hollywood Fatal Frame movie is a great excuse for the release of a Fatal Frame game. And hey, coincidentally, you have a Fatal Frame game you can release

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Nintendo Owes U.S. Fatal Frame Fans

Fatal Frame Deep Crimson Butterfly

Fatal Frame IV: Mask of the Lunar Eclipse came out for the Wii in Japan only. Then Fatal Frame: Deep Crimson Butterfly, a remake of Fatal Frame II, came out in Japan, Europe, and Australia, but still not in the U.S.

Gamers have been pining for these games for years. Come on, Nintendo, we bought your Wii U when everyone else was getting a PS4; treat us right and give us the damn game already!

And while you’re at it, release the two Wii FF games on the virtual console. It’s the right thing to do.