Top Reasons to Use Video on Your Website

Use Video to Attract and Keep Web Visitors

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When you use video on your website, you have a powerful tool that can increase the popularity of your web pages. Whether you want to earn money, share your knowledge or increase page views, you can use video to create a dynamic website the attracts and keeps visitors.

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Use Video to Enhance Your Website

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Use video to turn a static website into a dynamic, interactive destination. There are many types of videos you can use to enhance your website, including:

  • A promotional video that explains who you are and what you do
  • A website tour that tells visitors what they can find on the website, and where it is
  • A virtual tour that lets web visitors see what your physical location is like
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Use Video to Demonstrate a Product or Activity

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How-to videos are some of the most popular videos on the web, and businesses can use them to educate customers. There are many ways to use video to educate customers on how to use your product, and also save time and money on customer service.

  • Use video to demonstrate how to install or set up your product
  • Use video to show your product in action
  • Use video to train clients and staff remotely
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Use Video to Share Your Expertise

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Many businesses have created a marketing niche for themselves by using video to establish their expertise on a particular topic.

  • Create educational videos that provide visitors with in-depth information related to your industry
  • Produce a video newscast updating viewers on the latest headlines in your field of work
  • Aggregate and publish other expert videos related to your topic
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Use Video to Drive Traffic to Your Website

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Search engines love to video and with proper video SEO, you can use video to drive lots of traffic to your website.

  • Use targeted keywords when titling and tagging your videos
  • Create a variety of videos, each focusing on a different search term
  • Use multiple video sharing sites to increase links back to your main website
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Use Video to Earn Money

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If you have the right content and access to the right audience, you can use video to earn substantial money from your website. Some ways to use video to ​money include:

  • Charge visitors to download informational or entertainment videos
  • Place advertising on video pages
  • Sell sponsorship for a popular video podcast
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Use Video to Promote a Sale or Special Event

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Just as many companies create a special ad to let customers know about an upcoming sale, you can use video to advertise specials on your website:

  • Use video to show off new products you're selling
  • Include promo codes within videos to reward viewers
  • Use video to notify customers of upcoming specials
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Use Video to Give Your Business a Personal Face

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It's easy to use video ​to give a human face to your corporate website. Some ways to use video to communicate with web viewers include:

  • A short video welcoming visitors to your website
  • Profile videos that introduce your executives and employees
  • Customer testimonial videos that communicate your company's value
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Use Video to Engage Customers With Your Brand

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You can use video as an interactive medium to get consumers engaged with and excited about your brand. After all, you don't have to be the one producing the videos, many customers will be happy to do it for you!

  • Start a video contest to promote your brand
  • Ask users to upload videos of themselves using your product
  • Invite users to embed your videos on their own web pages
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Use Video to Encourage Regular Visits to Your Website

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You can use video to get people to come back to your website over and over again. By providing regular, quality content, visitors will come back again and again to see what new videos you're offering.

  • Produce daily (or weekly) video podcasts with timely information
  • Use an RSS feed to update visitors about new videos
  • Use videos to promote events and recent activities at your business
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Use Video to Stand Out From the Competition

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Web video is becoming more and more widespread, but there are still many industries that don't use video as a common practice. If your competitors don't yet use video, you'll be able to set yourself apart by using video on your website.

  • Add a video to your business listing in online directories
  • Promote your web videos on local websites
  • Spread your videos virally by allowing viewers to share and embed them