Should You Switch Your iPhone to Verizon?

If you currently use your iPhone with another phone company, you may be wondering if it makes sense to switch to Verizon. It might! Verizon is a great company for iPhone users. But the decision to switch from AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, or one of the many smaller regional companies that sell the iPhone isn't necessarily simple. Verizon has some things in its favor, but so do the other companies. Before you switch your iPhone to Verizon, learn about the benefits and drawbacks of making that decision here.

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Verizon Has Better Coverage

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One of the major things to consider when picking a phone company is the coverage that that phone company's network offers. The better the coverage, the better your experience with the phone will be. Spotty coverage leads to dropped calls and poor call quality, as well as difficulty accessing wireless data network.

How often you encounter these problems will depend on where you live and were you travel.

Among the four major phone companies in the United States, Verizon is known for having more-comprehensive network coverage and 4G access (though in rural places, regional carriers may be better). If you've been frustrated with your current phone company's service where you live, Verizon may be the solution to your problems.

To make sure, check Verizon's coverage map for your area.

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Verizon Has Better Customer Service

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You may not have problems with your phone or your account very often, but if you do, you want the experience of getting help to be pleasant.

Overall, customers seem to be happier with Verizon's customer service than with that offered by other companies. That's especially true of AT&T: people are often frustrated by AT&T's customer service and readers of Consumer Reports have in the past called AT&T the worst U.S. phone company.

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Others Have Cheaper Monthly Plans

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The amount you pay for your monthly service plays a big role in determining what phone company is best for you. In this case, it may not be Verizon.

There are so many different plan types and variations that it's hard to say for sure what company will offer you the best rate. It's best to compare each one yourself using your specific set of needs and circumstances.

That said, we have compared the costs of some of the common plans offered by AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, and Verizon. In doing so, we found that while all companies are in the same price range, Verizon isn't the cheapest (or the most expensive).

So, before you switch, figure out which company offers the best pricing for you.

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Switching May Have Hidden Costs

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There may be some hidden costs involved that could cause you to think twice before you switch to Verizon.

There are two possible costs you could run into. First, if you're paying for your phone on a monthly basis rather than buying it upfront for a single, big payment, you'll need to pay off the balance on the phone before you switch.

Second, in some cases, you may run into an Early Termination Fee. ETFs are a penalty for canceling your contract before it's over. ETFs can run from $200-$350 (though they're usually pro-rated down by the number of months you've been under contract).

Check the terms of your contract and payments, otherwise switching to Verizon could be an unacceptably expensive proposition.

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Everyone Offers Simultaneous Voice and Data Now

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One of the big arguments for sticking with AT&T and T-Mobile used to be that they were the only phone companies that offered the ability to use both voice and data at the same time. On Verizon and Sprint phone, you couldn't talk and browse the web on your iPhone at the same time.

That's no longer the case. With the introduction of the iPhone 6 series and iOS 11, as well as some improvements to phone company networks, all of the major phone companies — including Verizon — let iPhone users talk on the phone while also using data.

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