How to Rearrange Channels on Roku

Want to organize your Roku channels? Here's how

What to Know

  • Using the Roku remote, select the channel you want to move first.
  • Press the asterisk (*) button on the remote control and select Move Channel.
  • Use the arrow buttons to move the channel to where you want on your home screen.

This article will walk you through the process of reorganizing your Roku channel screen. The process is quick and easy, and can be done with your control or the Roku app.

How Do I Organize My Roku Channels

The best way to learn how to organize channels on Roku, is by doing it. Grab your remote control, and follow these steps.

You can also use the smartphone app's digital remote control to perform all of these same steps.

  1. Turn your Roku on and using the arrow keys on the remote control, select the channel that you want to move first.

  2. Press the asterisk (*) button and select Move channel.

  3. Use the arrow keys to change the placement of that channel among the others.

  4. Press the OK button on your remote to save that channel's location.

If you want to reorganize all of your channels on your Roku, then all you need to do is repeat the process with each one until everything is as it should be.

How Do I Put Roku Channels in Alphabetical Order

There is no automatic channel organizer on Roku, so if you want to alphabetize your Roku channels, you'll need to move them manually one at a time. The process works the same as the steps above, just start from the beginning and work your way through the letters.

Just make sure you remember that whenever you move a channel it will move up all of the channels that were below it, so be sure to start at the highest letter so that you don't have to redo any after the move.

How Do You Skip Channels on Roku?

If you're just learning how to rearrange channels on Roku, it's important to remember that you can organize them however you like. If you want to leave a channel out of sync with the others or don't want it to be organized in the same way, then you can just leave it where it is. Alternatively, you can move it to the bottom using the same method above, or delete the app from your Roku entirely (see the remove channels section towards the bottom of that article).

How Do You Scroll Channels on Roku?

To scroll through your channels on your Roku, use the arrow keys on your remote control to navigate up or down. Once you've passed the end of the screen, it will automatically scroll to the next channels down. You can loop right back to start this way too, which can save time if you want to get back to the first channels quickly.

  • How do I delete channels on Roku?

    To remove channels from your Roku streaming device, press the Home button on your Roku remote, and then move to the right and highlight the channel you want to remove. Press your remote's Star (*) button to bring up the Options menu, and then select Remove Channel. Confirm this action when prompted. You can also go to in a browser, sign in to your account, and then select Manage Your Subscriptions.

  • How do I get local channels on Roku?

    To get relevant news, weather, and traffic for your local area, try the News On or Haystack News apps and enter your ZIP code. For live and local news and sports, consider a streaming app such as YouTube TV, Hulu With Live TV, FuboTV, or Sling TV. These services often offer access to your local channels, but check their restrictions to be sure. Another option: connect an HDTV antenna to your TV and Roku device.

  • How do I scan for channels on a Roku TV?

    Select the Home button on your remote, and then go to Settings > TV Inputs. Select Antenna TV (or Broadcast TV on some models), and then select Set up Input or Scan for Channels.

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