Ready to Get Clean? 'PowerWash Simulator' Lands on PlayStation Soon

Along with several other indie releases this month

Seven more indie games are bound for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 for January 2023—including FuturLab's previously Xbox- and PC-only PowerWash Simulator.

Sony's list of upcoming indies contains several up-and-comers representing a variety of genres, from point-and-click adventuring to supernatural-powered puzzle solving. But the biggest surprise might just be the game that lets you wash filthy objects with high-pressure fountains of water.

Powerwash Simulator

Square Enix

Since Summer 2022, PowerWash Simulator has been making a name for itself on the Xbox and PC, thanks in no small part to the zen-like experience of deep cleaning. But now it's finally time for PlayStation owners to see what all the fuss is about. Soon, you'll be able to enjoy the satisfaction of blasting grime off of vehicles, furniture, buildings, and more, either on your own or cooperatively.

The rest of January's indie lineup includes Elf Games' horror adventure Children of Silentown and Mojiken and Toge's pixel art puzzle solver A Space for the Unbound. Arcade shoot-em-up NeverAwake from Neotro Inc. and first-person smartphone adventure Backfirewall from Naraven also make up part of the list. Along with Scavenger Studios' third-person adventure Season: A letter to the future and first-person co-op puzzler We Were Here Forever from TMG Studios B.V.

You can play Powerwash Simulator, and Backfirewall, on your PS4 or PS5 starting January 30, followed by Season: A letter to the future (PS4, PS5) and We Were Here Forever (PS4, PS5) on January 31. But before that, you can also check out Children of Silentown (PS4) on January 11, A Space for the Unbound (PS4, PS5) on January 19, and NeverAwake (PS4, PS5) on January 26.

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