How to Use Reading View in Microsoft Edge

Get rid of all the distractions as you read

Microsoft Edge Reading View

Jens Magnusson / Getty Images

Most websites are inundated with various types of content, such as advertisements and video clips that might distract you from what you are really interested in on the page.

The Reading View feature in Microsoft Edge strips unwanted distractions, rendering just what you want to see. Learn how to enable Reading View in the Edge web browser.

Instructions in this article apply to Microsoft Edge on Windows 10.

Enter Reading View

When active, the content that you are reading becomes the focal point in the browser immediately.

Reading View works as expected only on websites that support the feature.

  1. Open Microsoft Edge.

  2. Navigate to a website with content you want to read.

  3. Select the small book icon near the right end of the address bar in the Edge browser window. Alternatively, use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Shift+R.

    If the icon is missing or greyed out, this means that the web page you are on does not support Reading View in Edge.

    Screenshot of Reading View icon in Edge address bar
  4. Select the Reading View book icon again or press Ctrl+Shift+R to exit Reading View.

Once you select Reading View, the icon will change to blue and Edge will reformat the current page to improve its readability. Along with removing navigation elements from the page, Reading View presents an estimated reading time. The page is formatted to fit the window and scrolling moves you through the content horizontally. Scrolling down takes you to the next page while scrolling up moves you to the previous page.

Right-click anywhere on the page while in Reading View and select Read Aloud and the page will be read aloud for you.

Reading View Settings

Edge allows you to tweak some of the visuals associated with Reading View to provide a better experience.

  1. Tap or click on any text in the article and select Text Options. The Text Options toolbar will appear near the top of the page.

    Screenshot of Text Options in Reading View
  2. Select Text Options. Increase or decrease the font size under Text Size. Choose Light, Sepia, Gray, or Dark under Page Themes, if desired.

    Screenshot of Text Options
  3. Select Learning Tools. Toggle Text Spacing to On to change to wider spacing. Select a different page theme from the gallery, if desired.

    Screenshot of Text Options in Learning Tools
  4. Select Grammar Tools and choose Get to add free grammar tools that could improve reading comprehension.

    Screenshot of Grammar Tools
  5. Select Reading Preferences and toggle Line Focus to On to only view one, three, or five lines at a time, if desired.

    Screenshot of Reading Preferences
  6. Return to the page to continue reading.