How to Use the Reading List Feature in Firefox for iOS

firefox iOS reading list
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This tutorial is only intended for users running Mozilla Firefox on the iOS operating system.

Even in today's always-on society, we often find ourselves without an internet connection. Whether you're on a train, plane or just stuck somewhere without a Wi-Fi signal, not being able to read the news or peruse your favorite Web page can be frustrating.

Firefox helps alleviate some of that frustration with its Reading List feature, which allows iPadiPhone, and iPod touch users to stockpile articles and other content while you're online for the purpose of offline consumption later on.

Adding Content to Your Reader List

To add a page to your Reader List first select the Share button, located at the bottom of your screen and represented by a broken square and an up arrow. iOS's Share interface should now be visible. In the top row, locate and select the Firefox icon.

If Firefox is not an available option in your Share interface, you must first take the following steps to enable it. Scroll to the far right of the top Share menu, which contains icons for various apps, and tap on the More option. The Activities screen should now be visible. Locate the Firefox option within this screen and enable it by selecting its accompanying button so that it turns green.

A pop-up window should now be displayed, overlaying the active Web page and containing its name and complete URL. This window gives you the option to add the current page to your Reading List and/or Firefox Bookmarks. Select one or both of these options, denoted by a green check mark, and tap the Add button.

You can also add a page to your Reading List from directly within Reader View, which we discuss below.

Using Your Reading List

To access your Reading List, first, tap Firefox's address bar so that the home screen is visible. Directly under the bar should be a set of horizontally-aligned icons. Select the Reading List icon, located to the far right and represented by an open book.

Your Reading List should now be displayed, listing all content which you have previously saved. To view one of the entries, simply tap on its name. To remove one of the entries from your list, first, swipe left on its name. A red and white Remove button will now appear. Tap the button to delete that article from your list.

Not only is this feature useful for offline viewing, its formatting of Web content even while online can prove useful. When an article is displayed in Reader View, a number of page components that can be considered distracting are removed. This includes some navigational buttons and advertisements. The layout of the content, as well as its font size, may also be modified accordingly for a better reader experience.

You can also instantly view an article in Reader View, even if it had not been previously added to the list, by tapping the Reader View icon located on the far right-hand side of Firefox's address bar.