The Best Free Music Apps for iPhone

According to Readers

users' favorite iPhone music apps
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The iPhone was born to rock, of course, but not just with music you already know and love. Thanks to the many iPhone music apps, you can enjoy thousands of songs you've never heard before. Even better, many of these apps offer the music to you for free!

We asked users what their favorite iPhone music app is and why. This is what they told us. Familiar names like Spotify, Pandora, and TuneIn dominate the list, but there are lots of less-well-known options for you to discover, too.

If you want to check out our official picks, take a look at these lists:


Spotify :) and MP3 Music Paradise :)
Although you can't download the music to your iPhone, it's *amazing* until you lose service... lol [NOTE: You can now save Spotify music offline, as long as you have a subscription]. So whoever uses this I'm happy for ya! Now the MP3 Music Paradise, you can download songs to your iPhone, iPod, Samsung Tablet, or iPad and iPad Mini, but it depends on which update you have or which IOS you have, but it works great!
—Guest scwbbb

Best music app
I'm currently addicted to Spotify! You can search anything on the app! It costs a tiny charge after the first 48 hours but it has everything you can think off! Share what you are listening to friends! Email people songs, etc...create different playlists and connects to iTunes library!!!

Must have!!
—Guest redheadjennieo

Download Spotify at the App Store



Pandora Internet Radio
The program is sleek, simple and easy-to-use. Can't help but find new and noteworthy songs/artists! I guarantee you'll love it.
—Guest PocketAppZ

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TuneIn Radio

TurnIn Radio
Very good listening!

I fall asleep many nights listening to my myriad of genre stations that fit my mood.

Fav radio
The best I ever used. It also has the Progressive channel, available nowhere else! Tune-in radio
—Guest Cantab

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Other Apps is by far my favorite music app. You can listen to any song you want free and it's very simple to use.
—Guest Melvin


VERY VERY and the best app, you can download music and listen to the music wherever you go even if you don't have the internet
—Guest zenab


iTube is the best. Hands down! Cant really say much because it's really the best!
—Guest Jay


Personally, I like iHeartradio (download at iTunes) the best. They have all sorts of radios to choose from and even a 24/7 Beatles station. Plus, I can listen to my favorite radio stations anywhere.
—Guest Minecraftobssed99


Free TuneDog app
A great little free app i just found called 'TuneDog' lets you preview loads of tracks across different genres and bookmark them so you can buy them - great for finding new music or getting hold of old tracks or remixes.


Traxx FM
The Traxx FM app (download at iTunes) offers the best selection in House, Electro, Deep, Trance, and Tech-Minimal.

It is just amazing!
—Guest alex


Favorite music iPhone app
If you are into Latin music or would like to enjoy some music in Spanish, try Batanga. I love it!
—Guest Mario


Live365 has the best music. Great niche content. If you can find it here create your own station.
—Guest j


Vocal Performance
I really like ShiftyVox. It's a vocal performance app that shifts your voice in real time. Makes you sound awesome.
—Guest Tim


Radio app
KPLU (download at iTunes) is great for anyone that is a true jazz fan. Jazz is from a myriad genre, and it's FREE!


It isn't free, but I really like the selection and features.

—Guest Danny