How to Read Mail Using the AIM and AOL Preview Pane

It can be distracting to have an open email replace the message list in AIM Mail or AOL Mail. Open it below instead and focus on whichever part you need.

Read Mail Using the AIM Mail and AOL Mail Preview Pane

To read mail in AIM Mail with the message list still visible:

  • Follow the Settings link in AIM Mail or AOL Mail.
  • Go to the General category.
  • Make sure Use a reading pane to view mail is checked under Reading.
    • Note that the next message will always open automatically in the preview pane when you delete or move even if When reading messages, display the next message after moving or deleting the current one is not checked.
  • Click Save.

You can adjust the preview pane's size by dragging the divider between message list and preview pane.