How to Read Emails in a Unified Inbox with Mozilla Thunderbird

While Individual Folders Remain Available

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Reading Emails in a Unified Inbox. JGI/Tom Grill / Getty Images

Who has but one email account? Not you.

Who wants but one inbox to check in Mozilla Thunderbird? You.

No matter the accounts' types — IMAP or POP — and number, Mozilla Thunderbird can collect inbox messages from them all in a single view. The messages are still kept and available for use separately as well, of course.

Since most accounts also have trashes, junk mail, draft, sent mail and archiving folders, unified folders are available for these common folders as well.

Read Emails in a Unified Inbox with Mozilla Thunderbird

To add unified views for all your accounts' Inbox, Drafts Trash, Junk, Archives and Sent folders to Mozilla Thunderbird:

  • Select View | Folders | Unified from the menu.
    • If you do not see a menu bar:
      • Press Alt-V.

Mozilla Thunderbird will still show the account's individual folders as sub-folders to the top-level unified folders. The messages are kept in these individual folders.

To return to seeing (all) folders separated by accounts:

  • Select View | Folders | All from the menu in Mozilla Thunderbird.
    • Of course, you can also pick another selection from the Folders menu to concentrate on but folders with unread messages, for instance.
    • Press Alt-V to reveal a hidden menu bar.