Razer's New Products Offer Affordable Keyboard Accessories

Starting at $10

Gaming peripheral company Razer is expanding the range of its mechanical keyboard accessories with new keycaps, cables, wrist rests, and more.

The 16 new products can be found on the company’s online shop, with prices starting at $10 for the grip tape. It may seem strange initially, but the Universal Grip Tape goes on keycaps and other contact points for better control and execution, so you don’t lose your grip in heated gaming moments. The tape is available in four pre-cut shapes with a self-adhesive design.

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Next are the wrist rests, which are meant for compact tenkeyless keyboards, mini keyboards, and the standard full-sized option. These provide more comfort compared to some of the other Razer keyboards, with a memory foam interior, and all cost $20.

The full-sized keyboard also comes with a Pro Edition that has a heat transfer fabric exterior and memory foam interior infused with a cooling gel. The Pro Edition comes with a higher price tag at $35.

Razer also is offering Phantom Keycap sets in both black and white for $35. There are 128 individual keycaps, and they all have a translucent bottom that allows backlit keyboards to shine through. However, the Phantom sets are made from ABS Plastic, which is a lower-quality plastic.

For those who want a higher-quality plastic for their mechanical keyboards, Razer also has a $50 120-piece keycap set made out of durable PBT plastic. The set also comes with a coiled USB-C to USB-A cable and is available in four colors: black, white, green, and pink.

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There’s also the $30 option for the PBT keycaps, however the cheaper set doesn’t come with the coiled cable.

In a press release, Razer said the products also are available from authorized retailers, with the exception of the Phantom Keycap sets. Those will be exclusive to Razer’s website until September 11.

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