Razer's New Gaming Mouse Includes Stunning Looks and Wireless Features

Finally, a mouse that can keep up

PC gaming components are ever-shifting as new chipsets enter the market, but certain accessories like the standard mouse and keyboard combo remain virtually untouched, though some companies are shifting that perception. 

Enter Razer and its just-announced Basilisk V3 Pro gaming mouse. The company is calling it the "most advanced gaming mouse to date," and this may not be standard press release hyperbole. This thing is packed with features and includes a bright and gaming-centric design aesthetic. 

Basilisk V3 Pro


First up, this is a wireless gaming mouse, which is notable as gamers prefer analog connections to reduce lag. Razer says the mouse is completely lag-free and perfect for “high-intensity, low-latency gaming,” with a complete resolution accuracy of 99.8 percent. 

The proprietary 30K optical sensor is equipped with plenty of AI-assisted bells and whistles, such as motion sync, smart tracking, and asymmetric cut-off, all of which Razer says are perfect for competitors looking for “the highest levels of play.” The smart tracking feature, for instance, auto-calibrates the mouse on different surfaces. 

"The Basilisk V3 Pro is our most feature-rich gaming mouse to date," said Chris Mitchell, Head of the PC Gaming Division at Razer. "Essentially, the Basilisk V3 Pro gives gamers every feature they could ever want and more customization options than ever before."

Razer Basilisk V3 Pro


Speaking of customization, you will have plenty of options with the V3 Pro. The RGB lighting scheme is fully customizable, allowing users to choose from nearly 17 million colors and related lighting effects.

All told, there are 11 programmable inputs, including the HyperScroll Tilt Wheel, allowing for a multitude of play styles.

This mouse also allows for wireless quick-charging, though you have to purchase a dedicated charging dock for $70. Razer’s Basilisk V3 Pro gaming mouse costs $160 and is available at the company’s storefront starting today, with shipments to third-party vendors coming later in the month. 

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