Razer Reveals New Lapel Mic and Sound Mixer for Streamers

Devices come with noise cancellation and a censor button

Razer has revealed a new lapel microphone for remote IRL streaming and a compact sound mixing board that can serve as central control.

According to Razer, the Seiren BT is a Bluetooth-enabled mic that goes right on your collar and comes with noise suppression to filter out outside noise for consistently clear audio. Then there's the Razer Audio Mixer, which allows streamers to control multiple audio channels while live in an easy-to-use fashion.

Razer Seiren


The Seiren's noise cancellation is powered by Razer's AI Mic feature, which gatekeeps how much outside interference is allowed on stream. It even comes with two windsocks to reduce annoying wind noise and audio popping. Other notable features include a Low Latency mode for an optimal connection while streaming and supporting a wide selection of phones.

For the Audio Mixer, a key feature is its design. Even when small, soundboards are complex machines with lots of knobs and switches, which can be intimidating to use for first-timers. The Audio Mixer keeps things simple with a succinct form factor of a few switches and buttons that are clearly labeled and easy to understand. It even comes with a Bleep Button that lets you censor yourself and keep the stream free of profanity.

Razer Audio Mixer


Streamers can also mix their mic input with three other channels for live adjustments, thanks to the 4-channel interface. Other features include support for XLR microphones and voice fading.

Both devices are on sale now. The Seiren mic will run you $99.99, while the Audio Mixer costs $249.99.

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