Razer Opens Beta Testing for Its High-Tech Face Mask

Sign up to try Razer Zephyr

You now can sign up to be a beta tester of Razer’s highly anticipated wearable air purifier face mask. 

A sign-up sheet is open on Razer’s website for those who want to be one of the first to try the new face mask, now dubbed Razer Zephyr, according to NME. Razer also details updates made to the face mask since it initially was announced as Project Hazel at the Consumer Electronics Show earlier this year. 

Razer mask


According to Razer's website, the face mask has a filtration efficiency of 99% BFE, anti-fog coating, and includes a built-in microphone and amplifier, so you don’t sound muffled while wearing it.

It's also transparent, so others can still see your facial expressions, and includes interior lights that automatically turn on in the dark. Those interior lights also allow you to customize your mask with 16.8 million colors and a suite of dynamic lighting effects. 

Razer’s timeline of the Zephyr masks indicates there are only three more steps to go before it is available for public purchase, so the mask could very well become a reality over the next year. 

...It’s safe to assume that gaming influencers would be prioritized for the program.

The company didn’t share how many beta testers would be accepted into the program, but the sign-up sheet does ask for your social handles, so it’s safe to assume that gaming influencers would be prioritized for the program. 

The mask made headlines in January when it was introduced, since it incorporated gaming technology into a face mask that still defends against outside contaminations. Razer is mainly known for its gaming laptops, headphones, and tech accessories. 

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