Ratchet and Clank up Your Arsenal Cheats & Codes for PS2

Unlock cheat codes, acquire skill points and weapons XP and much more

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On planet Arida, when doing the assassination level, use the vehicle to jump over two cliffs. They are located next to 1 of the bridges at the right-hand side of the starting point. Doing this will give you a skill point.

Captain Quark in a Tutu

In the Quark vid comics enter UP, UP, DOWN, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT, CIRCLE, SQUARE, SQUARE.

Fast Mega Shield XP

Go to any level where you have to capture a base (Blackwater, Arida) and go to the last level. Hide behind the blockade and deploy your shield in front of it. The bar will move really fast.

Cheat List

You'll need skill points to unlock these cheats:

  • Big Head Enemies
    • Enemies get big heads - 20 Points
  • Ships to Ducks: A
    • All ships flying in the sky turn into ducks - 25 Points
  • Mirror Universe
    • Flips the screen horizontally - 30 Points
  • Big Head Heroes
    • R&C get big heads - 5 points
  • Time Freeze
    • Slow motion camera tracking during weapon select - 10 Points
  • Secret Agent Clank
    • Clank wears his Secret Agent costume - 15 Points

Duel Blade Laser Sword Cheat

Pause the game and enter: CIRCLE, SQUARE, CIRCLE, SQUARE, UP, DOWN, LEFT, LEFT

Unlockable: Skins

You need Titanium Bolts to unlock these skins:

  • Old School Ratchet: From 1st game (or free with save file from 1st game)
  • Snowman - 6 Bolts
  • Tuxedo Ratchet - 6 Bolts
  • Bugnoid - 6 Bolts
  • Brainius - 6 Bolts
  • Constructobot - 6 Bolts
  • Robo Rooster - 6 Bolts
  • Trooper - 5 Bolts
  • Robo - 5 Bolts

Fast Weapon XP

Need easy stages to get weapon experience? Play the Annihilation Nation challenge against Scorpio to rack up the XP. Some weapons, like the shield glove, may need different stages to gain XP. For the shield glove, try playing the battle missions in Marcadia and having the bevy of peons shoot your shield for XP.

Upgrade Flux Rifle Quickly

First, go to the planet Mylon and then get out your flux rifle. Then go to the very end of the platform at the very beginning of the level. Next shot both of the robonoid commenders. It will take some time to beat them but each shot upgrades your rifle to the v3. Then it takes 2 shots. If they both die (and they will), just jump off and start over. Just keep doing this till it is upgraded all the way (this should take about 2 minutes, tops).

Free Ammo and Health

Go to any challenge like Annihilation Nation, start the challenge and quit and it refills your ammo and health. This will save you thousands of bolts.

Override Weapon Switch in Arena

When fighting in the battle arena you will come upon matches where your weapon will auto switch after a few shots. To avoid this follow these steps. Start firing off shots till you get the hurricane. When it is out, simply hold the fire button and don't let go or do a clank double jump and you will continue to fire the hurricane even though the weapon in you selector block will say something else. I find this easiest to do if you switch to lock-strafe-mode and then hold down R1 (fire).

Unlockable: Bomberman Mini-Game

At Star Phoenix’s comic room select chapter and press square. Enter YING_TZU and press start. This will enter the Insomniac Museum where there is a Bomberman type mini-game.

Unlockable: Character Skins

In Edit Profile hold L2 and enter these codes:


Nefarious Skin: UP, UP, UP, LEFT, RIGHT, UP, LEFT, UP

Unlockable: Insomniac Museum

In Metropolis go down the path into the first building. Hop onto the left window sill, break the window and hop to the next building. Jump onto the left side, break the window and enter the teleport between 3 am and 4 am to get to the Insomniac Museum.

Unlockable: Mega Weapons

Beat the game to unlock weapons you can buy that are an enhanced version of the weapons you already own. (You can only buy if you have leveled them up all the way already.) These cost a lot of bolts but are even more powerful then the level 5 weapons you already have and they can be upgraded another three times making them very powerful.

Unlockable: Pirate Mini-Game

At Star Phoenix’s comic room select chapter and press square. Enter _MEGHAN_ and press start. This will enter a pirate vs. ninja mini-game.

Play as Snow Dan

Hold L2 and press Right, Left(2), Up, Left, Right, Left(2)

Alternate play as Snow Dan

Hold L2 and press Left(4), Up, Right, Up, Left

Play as Nefarious

Hold L2 and press Up(3), Left, Right, Up, Left, Up

Unlock Squat Stats

At the main online menu highlight "Stats" and press Up, Down, Left, Right, Square.