9 Raspberry Pi 3 Cases You Might Have Missed

9 Raspberry Pi 3 cases you may not have seen before

There must be hundreds of case options for the Raspberry Pi, especially as we've seen a few different shaped Pi models over the years.

If you've recently bought a Raspberry Pi 3, one of your first tasks is to get some protection for that vulnerable green board. A naked Pi is susceptible to damage from static, dust and straight forward knocks, bumps, and spills.

Here is a list of some of the lesser known cases on the market to help you find something a little more unique than the standard plastic options.

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KKSB Stainless Steel

KKSB Raspberry Pi Case
The KKSB Raspberry Pi Case. ModMyPi

Laser cut. Steel. Black. What more could you want in a case?

The KKSB cases are designed in Sweden (You know, the same place that makes the cool IKEA furniture) and are made of laser cut steel which is then powder coated for a nice clean finish.

All ports are accessible, there's an exit slow for GPIO and camera module cables, and there's even a cut out for the new Pi 3 WiFi antenna to avoid the metal case causing a loss of signal.

A smart, robust and solid design for your Raspberry Pi.

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Anidees Unibody

Anidees Unibody Case
The Anidees Unibody Case. Anidees

If you've got a glass TV unit, what better way to compliment it than this glass-topped Raspberry Pi case?

Anidees offer this milled aluminum case in either silver or black, with a clear or smoked UV resistant glass panel respectively. It's possibly one of the only glass Raspberry Pi cases available!

It comes with noise absorbing feet, has cut outs for all of your ports and is supplied with a USB cable including a switch.

A stylish case option for your lounge - great for media center setups.

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The PiCano
The PiCano case (original model B version shown). picano.info

The PiCano is a fantastically well-thought-out case designed to fit on the back of your monitor.

Whilst it can be used as a standing case, the design fits standard 100mm VESA mounts that can be found on the rear of most modern monitors, keeping your Pi setup tidy and out of sight.

It comes with a whole host of other subtle yet smart design touches such as countersunk fixings, cable management, and excellent heat management.

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Zebra Virtue

Zebra Virtue Case
The Zebra Virtue Case. C4Labs

A mix of layered plastics and woods sets this case apart from others, not to mention the included hardware. The intricate laser engraved detail and cut outs make this case hard to ignore.

A 5-volt fan sends a constant flow of air against your Raspberry Pi, enhanced by the heatsinks which come with the case.

All ports are accessible and the case includes a pass-through for GPIO and camera cables.

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Short Crust Plus

The Short Crust Plus
The Short Crust Plus case. Short Crust

The Short Crust Plus is a subtle and stylish plastic Raspberry Pi case, continuing the line from the original Short Crust.

The simple exterior hides handy features such as a completely covered SD card, smoked top cover and extendable side walls.

The case allows access to all ports and requires no tools to assemble.

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Multicomp Pi-BLOX

Pi-BLOX Case
The Pi-BLOX Case. ModMyPi

The Pi-BLOX case is mostly just a simple plastic home for your Raspberry Pi, but has 2 key features that make it totally unique.

The top section is covered in LEGO compatible studs, meaning you can incorporate your LEGO designs with the GPIO of the Raspberry Pi - LEDs, sensors and more.

There is also space to mount a Camera Module, allowing even more creativity with the case. Perfect for kids!

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ModMyPi Head Case

Head case
The ModMyPi Head case. ModMyPi

If you want something totally different, ModMyPi makes a range of these head cases for your Raspberry Pi.

Apart from being a big face case, the Head Case comes with a self-assembly PCB and two 10mm LEDs to light up the inside of the head.

The included color filters allow you to change the color of the interior glow. 

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C4Labs Invasion

C4Labs Invasion
The C4Labs Invasion case. C4Labs

Another innovative offering from USA case makers C4Labs.

The Invasion is has a unique alien/UFO design and is aimed at media center and gaming builds.

A key feature of the case is cooling, with excellent airflow, heatsinks and the option of a 40mm fan to push air through the case.

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Geauxrobot Dog Bone Case

Geauxrobot Dog Bone
The Geauxrobot Dog Bone case. Amazon

If you're lucky enough to have more than one Raspberry Pi, you may want to stack them. This could be for reasons such as clustering or running them as servers.

The Geauxrobot Dog Bone case lets you do exactly this. Using simple layers and spacers, you can stack as many Raspberry Pis as you like.

The design leaves a little to be desired in terms of protection, but it's a great option for multiple Pi casing.