"Rampage 2: Universal Tour" Cheats for the PlayStation

Unlock all of the playable characters available in "Rampage 2: Universal Tour"

"Rampage 2: Universal Tour" is the third title in the Rampage series, following "Rampage: World Tour" and the original "Rampage."

In "Rampage 2: Universal Tour" the monsters from the original "Rampage" George, Lizzie and Ralph have been captured. Players take control of three new monsters in an attempt to free the original three. Doing so unlocks the freed characters, and it becomes playable.

Cheats and Unlockables

To enter cheat codes, you first need to unlock the cheat menu option. Enter BVGGY as a password and the cheat menu will appear in the Options menu.

  • BVGGY - Unlock the cheat menu option.
  • SM14N - Play as George
  • S4VRS - Play as Lizzie
  • N0T3T - Play as Myukus
  • B1G4L - Play as alternate Myukus
  • SRY3D - Play as Noobus Myukus
  • LVPVS - Play as Ralph
  • SZ27X - Play as Lorge



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Rampage 2: Universal Tour (PlayStation)
Rampage 2: Universal Tour (PlayStation). Midway

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