RaidCall Review

Free Voice Chat App for Gamers and Social Networking

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Raid is VoIP communication tool for group especially designed for online gaming, like TeamSpeak, Ventrilo and Mumble. But RaidCall is different from those others in that it does not require renting servers or setting one up yourself. Both servers and service are based on cloud computing. The app is free as well as the service. It also boasts of good voice quality with minimum latency and features like overlay.


  • It is free, even the servers.
  • Good sound quality with low latency.
  • Easy to use.
  • Is quite light on resources.


  • Relative to other products of its kind, it lacks some features.
  • Software has some bugs.
  • Available only for Windows.


Let’s start this review with what I think is best with RaidCall. It frees you from having to bother about creating and hosting a server or paying for one. In other words, you can use RaidCall without paying anything, as can your friends and whole team. It is finally somewhat like Skype but with features that are tailored for social group communication and a tool for professional online gamers.

It works this way. You download the app and install it on your computer. Then you choose a group, which you can do in interface of the app itself. You can have a list of groups (public ones) which you can join, or search for a specific one, which might be that of your team using their group ID or name. Once you join a group, you can chat on your games and even socialize with other people. Note that you have to register with the service on their web site first.

Now you can even create groups/channels for your team. It will give you a space where you can invite people. You can have your channel password protected and be selective on who you want to allow in, or just open the channel to the public for a chat room. You can manage groups and channels but filtering the visitors, kicking them, having a blacklist etc.

RaidCall is a light program that works fast on a computer and requires little space and processing power. The installation file is only 4 MB, and the running program takes no more than around a dozen MB of memory and nearly negligible percentage of your CPU power.

RaidCall is a VoIP app with good voice quality. Voice chats are clear thanks to the voice codecs that the app uses, including Speex. Speex reduces latency considerably, reduces noise and promotes the audio quality such that it is smooth, crisp and clear.

RaidCall features overlay, which is and engine based on Flash that allows you to voice chat within any game without leaving the game’s interface. The overlay feature can be activated and disabled in the app. There is a system of achievement, based on how much time you spend on the system. You get credits called Gold and Silver for each hour you remain online. Then you can get badges which can honor and decorate your virtual personality.

The app and service can be used as a social networking tool, or as an instant messaging tool. You can create groups and make them public to be able to invite people in there and at the same time allow anyone who wishes to enter to do so and participation. You can record the conversations you have online using the embedded call recording feature in the app.

I find only one download link on their site and it gives only a Windows installation file. This means that it is not possible to use the app on Linux, Mac OS and other operating systems.

Configurations are kept simple with intuitive features and simple interface. RaidCall does not have as many sophisticated features as the paid competitors TeamSpeak and Ventrilo, but it does its work well. A number of bugs have been reported with the app, and the developers announced they are working on it. This is the price to pay for something free. But I find it worth the try, for something free. I know many gamers who have liked it.